Primark Haul | March 2019

Isn't it funny when you want to go on a spending spree you struggle to find things to buy but then when money's tight you could fill a basket? On this occasion I had a voucher burning a whole in my purse and I was ready to make some wardrobe updates. Unfortunately I didn't leave with a huge amount but of the things I did buy I've got some must-haves, some things worth checking out.

I wear jeans a lot for work but I feel like it's always good to have different options, especially as the weather improves and I can replace my boots with pumps and sandals. I bought a pair of Grey Check Print Peg Leg Trousers for £13 and absolutely love how they look on. They're smart but comfortable and quite a flattering fit too. 

I've been wearing my Converse more and quite like how they look with a smart pair of trousers so I bought some Black Slip On Trainers with that style in mind. These faux leather pumps were £8 but look a lot more expensive with their quilted design and studs on the back. These will be good in wet weather as they're a bit more waterproof than the Converse material.
Find a top you love and buy it in every colour. Last year Primark brought out this style of chiffon vest tops and I absolutely loved them. They were a perfect fit, I had them in lots of colours and prints and I wore them with so many outfits. I was delighted to see a rail of the £4 vest tops in Primark almost immediately after I walked into the store. I bought a white one as they tend to discolour and need to be replaced but also bought a gorgeous mustard one with floral print, a pinky coral shade and a pastel blue one. That's me sorted for Summer  and I'm happy to say they're just as good as last year.

We don't have a Summer holiday booked (yet) but everyone knows you've got to buy the Primark sandals early because they won't be in stock by the time Summer gets here. I'm 100% a flip flops and sandals girl and will wear them all of the time at home so even if I don't go abroad these £8 Black and Gold Sandals will be worn to death. Standard Primark, they had loads of designs and styles in but I quite like a pair that goes around my ankle and I don't mind the bit that goes in-between my toes either. I like how dressy these ones look.

Again, if you don't buy the swimwear now by the time you need it it's all sold out so I played it safe and bought a pair of Black High Waist Slimming Bikini Bottoms to go with my black Victoria's Secret Bikini Top. It was only £5, is good quality and a really flattering fit. I'm prepared for spa days or a trip to sunnier climates.

Do I need any more candles? No. Could I resist their Vanilla scented candle in a matte white jar with rose gold hardware? Also no. I thought this Madagascan Vanilla candle would be a nice little addition to our new kitchen/dining room when it's all finished. The jar looks quite sleek and stylish, definitely looks more expensive than £5 too, that's for sure. 
I'm still on a Marie Kondo decluttering and organising spree so I was delighted to see a good selection in Primark. I bought a Fabric Storage Box for £3 for using in my dressing room or towel cupboard - I've not 100% decided just yet. It's a sturdy box and the neutral grey and white print will go in most rooms of our house.

Now that our kitchen renovations are nearly done we're at the stage of finding homes for everything in all the cupboards. Lots of our cupboards are really big and deep and we thought we could do with some baskets or boxes to help get organised and make a good use of the space. I'm not sure if there's actually a more suitable wire basket for our potatoes and onions and even better they were only £5 each. They fit perfectly.
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