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We're currently in the process of renovating our kitchen. It’s been a huge job (more about that coming soon) and it got me thinking about what we’d do next. Obviously we’re not really in the position to do much any time soon, well unless we win the lottery, but that doesn't stop me dreaming does it? 

There's a few little changes we could make that wouldn't cost much. We've got a spare room that needs some TLC starting with changing the carpet which we actually used to have in our dining room so that is actually achievable. Our utility room could do with some more storage but my Dad would be able to fit that which is a definite bonus. However the one room we're keen to transform but will have to wait for is the bathroom.
A bit like the kitchen, renovating a bathroom involves a lot more technical behind the scenes work that it's really not worth taking risks and trying to do it ourselves. You might think a DIY job could cut costs and save money but if you're left with a bathroom that's not properly waterproof it's going to cost more in the long run. The plumbing and electrical work involved needs to be done by the professionals or you run the risk of structural damage to other parts of your house. 

Obviously the bathroom is an essential room in the house which brings in the element of time. Being able to remodel a bathroom as quickly as possible isn't so easy without the right expertise, tools and equipment. Getting it right when it comes to ventilation, draining, plumbing and lighting in a small area and adhering to Building Regulations sounds like a bit of a nightmare.

It's amazing how changing the layout of a bathroom can completely transform the room but a remodel can uncover some hidden surprises. I know when the structural work began in our kitchen we came across a few unexpected issues like pipe work. Bathrooms can often have hidden rotting and rusting thanks to leaky 

While I'm busy dreaming about what our new bathroom could look like I've been taking inspiration from Harrogate Bathrooms. A modern bathroom that's light and airy is definitely  the style that we'd like to replace our current pink/peach bathroom. 
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