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Recently at work we were talking about our favourite perfumes. Alien is my absolute favourite and the Tiffany's scent from our wedding is my go-to for special occasions but it got me thinking about some of the other fragrances that I'm keen to try. I feel like I've not tried many new perfumes in a while and with so many options it's a little wonder I've got a Wishlist full of fresh and floral scents.

The first on my list is Michael Kors Wonderlust. I've never tried tried any beauty products from my favourite handbag designer but I'd love to try one of the newest in the Michael Kors selection. This is a new twist on the original Wonderlust and combines citrus, fruity florals and sleek wood. 

I've been a huge fan of Marc Jacobs fragrances since the release of Daisy back in 2007 but it's Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Sunshine that's caught my eye this time. Inspired by bright sunny days, and definitely giving off the Summer vibes with its bottle, its got notes of raspberry and orange. Definitely a sweet, fruity one.

From fruity to floral, I'm a bit disappointed in myself that I've still not tried Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb. This sophisticated and glamorous scent is a popular one and has been for over 10 years. Apparently one of these gorgeous bottles are sold every three minutes in the UK. It's about time I get my hands on this bouquet of floral scents.
Does anyone else remember the millions of adverts that there used to be for Nina Ricci Nina? I completely missed the boat with this one though. It's described as being a fun and flirty fragrance like a modern fairytale. With it's top notes of lemon and lime it sounds like quite a light, fresh scent that would be good for daytime. 

I've had a few bottles of Jimmy Choo in my perfume stash over the past few years and I'd quite like to try the latest one; Jimmy Choo Fever. This one, that came out last year, is still elegant and feminine like the original Jimmy Choo but definitely sounds a little more sensual and night time appropriate. 

I've already said how much I love Mugler Alien, it's pretty much my signature scent and I didn't like Aura or Angel quite as much but I would love to try Mugler Alien Eau Sublime. It's a limited edition fragrance which looks and sounds like its going to be the lighter version of my favourite scent. There's lots of citrus notes in this one, like lemon, orange and mandarin so definitely a fruity one.

The last perfume on my Wishlist is pink, like so many of the others, and is also by a brand that I've used for years - Juicy Couture La La. I feel like Juicy Couture fragrances are quite sweet and girly and that suits me to a T. This is one of the most affordable on my list too meaning I'm more likely to have found a day or work perfume in this one.

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