February Favourites | New, Sweet and Glittery

Anyone feel like they've blinked and February is over? I know it's a short month but it's flown past and left me feeling excited for Spring with its unseasonably high temperatures and beautiful bright sunny days. I think that's definitely helped me have a productive and organised month. My February Favourites are a mix of beauty and lifestyle products that are brand new to me or quick and convenient in amongst the chaos of our new kitchen renovations

My first favourite is something that would probably go quite easily unmentioned but I feel like everyone needs to know about the amazingness of Diet Coke Twisted Strawberry. If you've ever been to Five Guys or Burger King with their fancy drinks machines then you've probably tried some of the fruit twisted fizzy drinks before. My favourite is always a hint of strawberry and Diet Coke Twisted Strawberry is the best but now I can drink it from the comfort of my own home. This satisfies my sweet tooth when I would quite happily inhale a bar of chocolate so it's a good option in my Slimming World life.

My next favourite has been in and out of the beauty products that I use religiously since last year but in February I began to use it every few days without fail. The Maybelline Tattoo Brow Long Lasting Tint in Light Brown is easy to use and a convenient way of having tinted eyebrows. I've got quite fair eyebrows and for long enough didn't do anything to my brows. I find Tattoo Brow light enough to not look too overdone but dark enough to have a bit of an impact. I only leave it on for 20minutes so it's hassle free and gives me a good shape for 3 to 4 days.

A product that is completely new to me but has instantly become a favourite is the Selective Professional Powerplex Spray Mask. It's a treatment for coloured, bleached and straightened hair that strengthens, hydrates, conditions and protects the hair fibres. My hairdresser recommended it and obviously my hair is dyed and heat processed often so I'm open to all suggestions. I bought it from my hair salon for £10 and have since found it's very difficult to get a hold of online but because I've noticed a difference in the condition of my hair already I couldn't not share the secret. If your hairdresser uses Olaplex on your hair then I'd suggest asking if they've got Powerplex for sale too.

I've been struggling a bit with my skin recently, in particular on my neck and back, so after a quick google I ordered The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Body Wash. It had great reviews and though it's a little pricier than my usual shower gel options I was hopeful that it would help what is probably a hormonal skin reaction. I love the smell of this Tea Tree shower gel and it's quite gentle on my skin. After using it for just less than 4 weeks my skin isn't completely fixed but it's definitely helping. A new product to me but a confident favourite.

My last favourite featured on my blog in January in a Sale Haul; Rose Gold Glimmer Women's Classic Toms. Normally in February I'd be wearing boots every day but with the temperatures rising and it feeling more like Spring already I've swapped up the winter footwear and ended up wearing my sparkly Toms. I love that they're still a girly option with the glitter and that they're suitable for work but have a bit of sass. I've found myself popping them on quickly when I've been back and forth between my house and my parents to use their kitchen and even when I've been dabbling in a little bit of DIY (stripping the wallpaper counts right?)

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