The Body Shop Drops of Light | Liquid Peel Review

I was buying some products on The Body Shop recently and I noticed they had free delivery on orders over £20 and then £10 off orders over £30. It was mad not to add something extra to my order to benefit from the discount and soon I was looking through their scrubs and exfoliators. I made a bit of an impulse purchase when I added the Drops of Light Pure Resurfacing Liquid Peel to my basket. Buying it on a whim, based on a couple of the reviews, might just have been one of the best things for my dry, dehydrated skin this Winter.

I've been using a whole host of moisturisers and serums to rehydrate my skin and as much as they've made my skin feel smooth and more comfortable I was struggling a little when it came to my makeup. I felt like the dry skin was just never really disappearing and makeup was sitting on the top. However, after just one use of the Drops of Light Liquid Peel the dead skin started to be removed and my skin was left looking and feeling healthier.

The liquid peel starts off as a gel and just a pump and a half, to two pumps, is all it takes to trap and gently remove impurities, flaking and dead skin cells. After cleansing your skin you massage this into your clean, dry skin, in circular motions to literally resurface your skin. You can use it every few days and it all contributes to a brighter complexion, clean skin with an even skin texture. For me, once or twice a week is perfect. It gives me a deep clean without aggravating my sensitive skin. 

Obviously by itself it's not meant to be a moisturising product, this is just the first step before a good serum and moisturiser but it completely replaces harsh exfoliators. There's something very satisfying about actually seeing the results and that's definitely the case with this liquid peel. You can see the skin being rubbed away with the gel, and you're left with a transformed skin surface.

This 145ml bottle was £18 which felt little pricey but considering there's often a discount code available I didn't actually pay that much. Also, when you compare it to other peel products it's actually quite an affordable option, especially as you use such a little amount. My skin felt and looked like I'd had a facial, it's amazing to be able to achieve that without having to leave your house.

If you struggle from dry skin, uneven skin texture or dull skin then I'd recommend checking out the Drops of Light Liquid Peel. I can't imagine my skincare routine without the liquid peel anymore. Time for me to suss out the rest of the Drops of Light range too, what else might help transform my skin?
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  1. I really want to try this, it sounds like such a great product especially if you can find a promo code before purchase xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc . ❤️