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After months of dreaming, and weeks of planning, we are finally in the month that our new kitchen is going to be started (and fingers crossed finished but I don't want to be too optimistic). When we moved into our house in October 2015 we made do with the kitchen, adding tile stickers to cover up the floral patterns. Getting a new kitchen is an expensive task
and we quickly went from moving in, to engaged and planning a wedding so my dreams of a new kitchen were on the back burner for quite a while.

Our kitchen isn't that big and we've already taken the door off to try and use all of the space possible. I was keen to create a bigger kitchen; a more open space that would combine a dining and family area and so, a more social area. The room next door is the dining room but also the man cave - my husbands room with his Xbox. It took a little bit of convincing but I was successful in persuading him to let us knock down there wall between the kitchen and dining room to make that bigger, more open space that we wanted. 

Now that the big decisions have now all be made I'm left with the smaller, slightly cheaper purchases to choose. What rug will we put down on the new flooring to soften the living area? What cushions will we put on the sofa to match the new colour scheme? What dining room table will we buy to replace the current second hand one we've made do with since we moved in.

We want to have a large rug on the living section of our kitchen and Matalan has a good selection. I think the Large Natural Harlow Rug will go well with the grey oak worktops in our kitchen I'm just not 100% sure on the size needed yet. As for other soft furnishings I'm loving the Geometric Print Cushion for on the sofa - it's not too girly and brings in hints of copper - matching that is a Concrete and Copper Clock. Now these Kate Spade Food Storage Dishes are far from being an essential but I absolutely love them. Easily pleased.

I've got a couple of items that have a rabbit theme, an ode to our adorable lion head bunny, a Rabbit table lamp with grey shade and Hare Print Oven Glove. They both suit the grey/natural colour schemes and are cute without being over the top or garish. A more practical thing on my wishlist is a Chrome Motion Sensor Bin, how much more convenient is  it to have a bin that opens without having to touch it. It's actually pretty affordable too. Last on my list is the Oak Veneer Dining Table with 6 Fabric Chairs. It's not easy finding a good sized dining table with good quality materials and matching chairs that I like but I think I've found it and it's from Fashion World of all places!?
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