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How good is it to have a girls night in? Birthday celebrations, an overdue catch up or just any old Saturday is the perfect excuse to have a night in with your best friends having a gossip and a giggle with a few drinks. Sometimes those nights in finish off with a night out, but either way whatever your intention is there's a few essential ingredients for the best Girls Night In...
Every girls night in needs music and being able to ask Alexa for any song is so quick, easy and convenient. Whether it's a pop classic like Spice Girls (got to be ready for the tour in June) or if it's just the current Top 40 then Alexa has you covered. A typical girls night always starts with some civilised, not too loud, music in the background then fast forward a few hours and the music is blaring and we're up dancing. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Sticking on a Chick Flick has been part of Girls Nights since back in high school. Whether you actually watch all of it or if it just becomes background noise to your chat you need to have Netflix ready just in case. Some of my most recommended on Netflix at the moment are You - a gripping Netflix Original series, The Perfect Man - a Hilary Duff romantic comedy from 2005, and How To Be Single - a Rebel Wilson comedy.

Snacks and Drinks
You can't have a girls night in without the snacks and the drinks. I'm definitely a Prosecco drinker but I've been loving mixing it up a bit with my Prosecco Cocktail Book. As for the munchies I'm torn between a big bag of crisps or going with the sweet options. One of my favourites is Cadbury's Nibbles but I quite like to bring out the drink flavoured sweets like the Fizzy Prosecco Gummies with the girls are round. A little side of fruit is good too for popping in a drink or snacking on if you're trying your hardest to stay on plan.

We love adding a game into the mix at our house, whether it's a girls night or a summer BBQ. I'm resident Quiz Master, we've played more rounds of Articulate than I could count, we introduced the couples balloon game last year but now we've got a new one - What Do You Meme? I got this Adult Party card game for Christmas and we've already played it loads of times over. It's similar to Cards Against Humanity, the perfect game for the social media generation and absolutely guaranteed to have you in stitches. It's been different every time we've played it depending on the Memes picked out and the rotating judge aspect. You can also get some expansion packs to mix it up. I've got my eye on the Mean Girls pack and Basic Bitch pack. Definitely a girls night in essential game.

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