NOTD | Glitter, Marble & Pink

After the excitement of Christmas nails I always say I'm going to go for something plain or something simple and by the time my nail appointment comes round I never stick to it. Pinterest is too dangerous, it leads me astray and makes me go from wanting one colour to wanting glitter and marble. My nails were getting really long so I went a little shorter and for a more square shape. I'm loving the change from coffin. A couple of my nails had also broken from the most random things like dog walking and cleaning - thank god for tips!

I knew I wanted something pink, I definitely suit pinks and nudes best and Petal by The Gel Bottle is one of my favourites. With that on my pointer finger and thumb I made a last minute decision to add some glitter too. Just as my last bits of colour were being filed off I thought I loved the look of the faded glitter from the base of the nail so added in some Meghan by Magpie Beauty. Unfortunately that was a limited edition one from last year but Anastasia or Pearl are similar with the pink tones.  

On my pinky I've got a Gel Bottle Inc Glitter in Rose Gold. I love how smooth these apply and even though I had it on my nails last time, I had to have it on my nails again. The marble nails have a base of Daisy by The Gel Bottle then on top a combination of the Blooming Gel and Shadow. No two marble nails ever go the same so to have four in one set of nails was interesting. We added in some hints of the rose gold glitter gel on top to tie the whole set together. 

All of my nails have got The Gel Bottle Dolly Builder in a Bottle which includes a primer and base in one and is definitely one of the reasons my nails grow so long. This base helps prevent chipping and lifting. I've also got the Extreme Shine Top Coat and Rubber Top Coat on too. Good quality products make a difference! 
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