January Favourites | Good Skin & Feeling Refreshed

January, officially the longest month of the year. 31 days that feel like 131! It feels like ages since I was wandering around the streets of Krakow exploring, even longer since we were paid and Christmas is an official distant memory. It's always good to get back into a routine and back on track with healthy eating and exercising, but boy isn't January tough. Nonetheless I feel like I've had a month of getting organised for our new kitchen, being focused at work and looking after myself. There's been a few little favourites that have helped me get through the month with good skin and feeling refreshed.

January would have been a major struggle if it wasn't for my Lumie Bodyclock Active 250. With dark, cold mornings and endless weeks of work with little to look forward it's easy to feel a little low but my Lumie alarm clock has helped me feel more awake and enable me to get out of bed with ease in the morning. I did a full review back in February 2017 about the Lumie Bodyclock and I suppose at times I take it for granted. I realised this month just how much I appreciate it when my colleagues were talking about the struggle of getting out of bed when it looks like the middle of the night. I don't have that problem because my morning starts off with a gradual increase of light instead of a loud, blaring alarm. In fact I can barely remember the last time I woke up by a noisy alarm instead of the 'sunrise' from my Lumie light. It's amazing that an alarm clock can boost your mood, make you feel more refreshed and awake and help with Seasonal Affective Disorder.   

I go through bursts of being skincare obsessed to getting by with the bare minimum and this month has been all about looking after my skin morning and night. I love using Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser at the end of a long day to remove all of my makeup. It's such a gentle but rich, creamy cleanser that works without much effort, even with mascara, which is great for my dry skin. But also using the muslin cloth to polish off the dead skin cells along with product is brilliant for achieving soft, refresh, clean skin. Definitely an all year product, not just one for winter skin.      

It's been a while since I've been loving one specific foundation. So often I've been mixing and matching, or missing it out all together in favour of concealer on it's own but this month it's been the L'Oreal True Match Foundation that's been ticking all the boxes for me. Firstly because it's a shade that actually matches my skin and doesn't oxidise throughout the day leaving me with an orange tinge. Secondly because of the creamy formula so it melts in to my skin and works well with my dry skin but then dries quite matte which helps achieve quite a flawless, medium coverage look. Lastly it's quite lightweight so doesn't fee; cakes or heavy on my skin.

I'm not normally that fussy when it comes to makeup brushes but this month I've been reaching for one over all of my other brushes, the Real Techniques 200 Expert Face Brush. I got this brush in the Glossy Box Advent Calendar in December and I used it straight away for my concealer and foundation. The firm bristles make it perfect for buffing in liquid and cream foundations and that's definitely something I need for my dry skin so that it doesn't just sit on the top of my skin. Real Techniques brushes are always good quality brushes and I've already washed this brush a couple of times and it's as good as new with no shedding.

Another skincare product that I've been reaching for every day of January, and one that saw me through the minus temperatures of Poland and Scotland, as well as the late nights and partying of the festivities is the Simple Water Boost Skin Quench Sleeping Cream. I only reviewed this in December and bigged up it's silky texture and how quick it got to work then. I've continued using it ever since and it's still working as well on my skin as it did the first night. I think I'll be repurchasing soon before my first tub runs out.
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