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Does anyone else love how their hair feels when they leave the hairdressers? Obviously the fresh colour and proper blow-dry give a huge boost in confidence but I always find my hair feels it's cleanest and softest when I walk out of those salon doors. It's a lot to do with the hairdressers working with my hair but the products that they use also have a big role to play. I know drugstore brand hair products are tailored to different hair types and thicknesses but there's just something about those salon products.

Merlin Professional Products are a range which are normally only supplied to hairdressers. They're high quality products with the ingredients and technology to cleanse, rebalance and prepare your hair, whatever your hair type. Thankfully Fabriah has a little corner of the internet allowing everyone access to buy professional hair products - most importantly Merlin Professional. I've been putting three products to the test on my long, heat processed hair to see the difference professional products can make at home.

The first product I've been trying is the Merlon Professionals Caltron Protein Daily Body Support Power Shampoo. This shampoo is suitable for daily use, though I definitely don't do that due to the fact that my hair doesn't really need it and I'm not prepared to blow dry it everyday! This shampoo is a protein based body building cleanser suitable for fine, natural or chemically altered hair. So for me, with bleach blonde hair my hair can sometimes feel a little lifeless and lack shine. This has ingredients like Hydrolyzed Mucopolysaccharides (?!) and carbohydrates which helps with strength and control. 

I found this shampoo to have a thin consistency and it doesn't lather loads but it's so highly concentrated that actually I didn't need much of it for it to work. After using it my hair felt really clean, as though it had removed any build up of product. It also leaves my hair feeling quite strong and looking a lot more voluminous. This 300ml bottle costs £11.85 which is a bit pricier than a drug store brand, granted, but with a little going a long way it worked out at quite a cost effective shampoo.
The next product is the Central Balance Weekly Combination Power Treatment. It's another protein based product so again adding strength and body but this one also has ingredients for smoothness on the hair surface and deep shine as well as fatty acids for increasing elasticity. It's designed for all hair types but especially for dry and chemically altered hair. I would say 9 years of bright blonde hair just might be chemically altered!

My hair definitely felt stronger after using this just once and it's quickly become part of a Sunday pamper routine. It gets to work after 5 or 10 minutes on the hair so a good one to use if you're relaxing in the bath or have a little bit more time to spare. Unlike the shampoo this has a thicker, creamier consistency and I have to stop myself from using too much. It's very concentrated and doesn't take much to comb through. Use too much and you run the risk of greasy, weighed down hair so be careful. This 225ml bottle is £15.30 and it could easily last 3 to 4 months when you're only using 15ml each week.
The last product I've been using from Merlin Professionals to build beautiful hair is the Nourish Colour Safe Sealer. This moisturising product can be used everyday so makes for a good pairing with the shampoo. It's got similar ingredients and is formulated to re-align cuticle layers, replace lost moisture and increase elasticity. This is great for dyed hair and is excellent for rehydrating dry hair and itchy scalps. 

I felt like this was the product that had the least impact on my hair but it actually it's probably the one that I would use on my hair the most often. Again this was a 225ml bottle, so nothing huge sitting in my shower, and it cost £15.10. I love how creamy it is and I wasn't tempted to go too overboard.
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