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Winter time is my biggest struggle when it comes to my skin and hair, in particular the festive period. Healthy eating goes out the window, the alcohol intake increases, heat tools are used on my hair more frequently and I wear much more makeup more often. It's easy for  my skin to look duller and become drier and for my hair to be dry and damaged. But this year, even with the plummeting temperatures of Poland, my skin, hair and nails are feeling and looking healthy and I'm putting it down to one little change.

For the past month I've added two Beauty Collagen supplements to my daily routine - Beauty Collagen Gummies and Beauty Collagen Effervescent tablets. The two collagen supplements help support healthy hair, firmer skin and strong nails through essential vitamins and minerals. Along with 1000mg of Hydrolysed Marine Collagen there's biotin, vitamin C and Selenium. Each of the ingredients contribute to the maintenance of hair, skin and nails.

The Beauty Collagen Gummies are £18.99 for 60 chewy vitamins which are fruity and tasty, making them very easy to add to a morning or night routine. No worries about trying to swallow a tablet so it's easy to have two a day of these little strawberry chews. The Beauty Collagen Effervescent is £8.99 for 20 dissolvable tablets and are a great option for on the go, and good for increasing your water in-take too. These berry flavoured tablets dissolve quickly in a glass or bottle of water and add a bit of extra flavour.

If your New Years Resolution is to look after yourself more, to stop biting your nails or if you're wishing for more radiant skin or hair then it's definitely worth checking out the Bioglan Beauty Collagen range. There's not just Gummies and Effervescents, there's powder and tablet options too. All 4 of the Bioglan Beauty Collagen range are available from Holland and Barratt and Amazon.
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