What I Got For Christmas 2018

Another Christmas and another What I Got For Christmas post. I know not everyone likes these style of posts but I love being able to look back on what I got just the same as I love watching my friends and family opening up their gifts. I've written a post like this for my birthday as well as last year, my last Christmas as a Miss, and back in 2016. In fact I've got Christmas posts right back in 2013. So here's to What I Got For Christmas 2018, my first as a married women.

My Christmas gifts are made up of lots of Secret Santas, rather than lots of little presents from everyone in our families. We draw our Secret Santa name out of 6 in my husbands family, from 6 in my family, in my group of best friends and then at work. I also received lots of presents from the pupils in my class. Lastly, my husband and I set a small budget, like we have for the past few years, so that we put our money towards something bigger. This year it's our new kitchen which we're getting in February. With all the said I still can't believe how many gifts I received. A bit like my birthday there's definitely a pink, rose gold and Prosecco theme, oh and chocolate - lots of chocolates! 

I love a personalised present and this 'Christmas at the Hutcheons' sign is one of my favourites! My Mum and Dad gave us money for Christmas which is going straight into our kitchen fund but also in the bag was a lovely keepsake to remember our first Christmas as a married couple. My parents had one in their living room saying 'Christmas at the Sutherlands' and I was busy quizzing her about it just a few days before so no wonder she had a cheeky grin on her face! Also, how 100% appropriate are those Nag Notes? I'm forever leaving little reminders to my husband and now I've got post-it notes specifically for the occasion.

I received some of the most gorgeous jewellery this year and I love the rose gold earrings and bracelet that my Secret Santa chose for me. They're both amazing quality and colours and even better they're by a local crafter. It didn't take long for the bracelet to be added to my stack and for the earrings to be popped in my ears. Definitely new go-to sparkle.

A little more rose gold and little more personalised presents, how amazing is that gin glass?! My new Jenna's Gin glass was from my Friend Secret Santa and has already been put to good use many times over. I don't even keep it just for gin, it's such a good size for a glass or juice or water too! You can never have too much Ted Baker. I love the big wash bags for my makeup and brushes when we're travelling and this one has already been stuffed full for my trip to Krakow. Last year I bought What Do You Meme for my sister in law and this year my husband bought it for me. It's a brilliant game and right up my street for game nights.

If you've read my post about Krakow you'll know we're going there for New Years. This led to there being a bit of a theme with my Christmas gifts. My work Secret Santa was listening carefully and gifted me a purse with Polish currency inside. So much thought went into this and it's a very practical and appreciate present. Our trip was also very much in mind when I was given a cosy knitted bobble hat and hand warmers. I'm ready for the cold temperatures!

My main gift, the thing I asked Santa for was a Soup Maker. I love experimenting with different types of soup and quite often spend time on a Sunday making soup for my lunches for the week. Now with the help of this little gadget I'll have soup without so much of the hassle and cleaning. How grown up of me! I blame Slimming World

And speaking of Slimming World, I'm not sure how I'm supposed to stay on plan with all of the lovely treats I received. From Prosecco gummies to a Kilner jar full of chocolates... that's not including the two tubs of Quality Street. 'Tis the season to eat chocolate for breakfast!  
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