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Tradition is great. We can learn a lot from what has come before us, and sticking with traditions is a beautiful way to honour the past. But, modern developments are also significant. As we age, we start to build our own family traditions, incorporating the bits that we loved from our childhood, with new ideas and things that we’ve seen and heard about from others. 

These same principles apply to our home decor. Traditional pieces that are still around today have withstood the test of time for a reason. They are built to last. They are always in style, and they work well with anything. But, many of us want our homes to look modern and trendy. We want clean lines and white space. We want the newest products and designs, and we don’t always think about how long they might last. 

Blending modern ideas with traditional design can be the perfect solution. It’s a great way to remember the past and invest in furniture that will last, without your home always looking fussy and dated. Here are some ideas to help you to get the balance just right. 

Invest in Key Pieces
Whether they are traditional, or modern, spending more on a few key pieces can help you to create a stylish and lasting room. Spending a little more on a leather sofa, your bed and your mattress, a dining table and textiles like curtains means that they will last for years, and give your room great focus. 

When it comes to these pieces, try to think about what you want, as well as what is the better choice. A traditional sofa, like a Chesterfield, always looks lovely and adds sophistication to your room. A large traditional bed can also look good, but, you’ll want a modern mattress to offer the best support. 

Stick to a Colour Scheme
If you want to blend modern with traditional seamlessly, without drawing focus to one element over the other, sticking to a colour scheme can be an excellent idea. Neutral walls, with bolder accents and more colourful textiles, adds personality and style, as well as depth and warmth. Try to use many different shades of similar colours to add greater depth to a room, but also include different textures. 

Hide Some of Your Gadgets
Most of us love a modern gadget. We’ve got smart TVs, learning thermostats, home assistants like the Amazon Echo, sound-bars and tablets, phones and chargers everywhere. It’s hard to strike the balance of modern and traditional, with technology is the overpowering factor. 

So, hide some of it. Devices like the Echo and Dot and made to blend in. Place them on a shelf or even behind a plant, and no one would ever notice. Try to keep chargers tidied away, and minimise technology in rooms like your bedroom. 

Include Natural Elements
Natural elements, like wooden tables, marble sides and large houseplantsare the perfect way to unit the traditional and modern, as they firmly fit into both categories. Bringing nature into your home is both trendy and classic — the perfect mix. 
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