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The close of the year naturally gets us reflecting on the twelve months that have just passed, and the twelve new ones about to come. It's a fresh chance to live the life that we really want. But while we tend to make a lot of resolutions about our bodies, when was the last time that you made a resolution about your home? Considering how much our homes affect our mental wellbeing and our health, it could be wise to adopt one of these home based promises in 2019…

Find The Right Method To Maintain A Clean Tidy Home
There are a million different methods out there to clean and organise your home, and the key to maintaining it all is finding that one method that works for you and your lifestyle. It can be tempting to conclude that you ‘don’t have time’ or are ‘just a messy person’ if you aren't managing to stay on top of the housework, but the truth is that your cleaning routine needs to fit with you and your style in order to stick. Whether you’re the type who likes to set a ten minute timer once a day and completely blitz a space, or more of the type who likes to passively tidy - making the bed as soon as you get out of it, straightening each room before you leave it - if you find something that works with your energy flow and existing routine it's so much easier to make a positive change than trying to swim against the tide. Motivation is all about knowing how you work best.

Save Towards That Big Piece
There are so many costs in modern life, and sometimes our homes can get pushed to the bottom of the priority list. Resolve to make a change by saving a set weekly amount towards that one piece you know your home needs- whether it's a large piece of art for that blank wall or a new duresta sofa for the family to cosy up on. Set aside a small amount in a separate account or use a savings app that automatically rounds up your card purchases and saves the difference and before you know it you'll have the funds you need to make a real change in the house.

Tackle That One Job
Re-grouting the bathroom tiles. Ripping up the musty old stairway carpet. Stripping out that old wood chip paper. We all have that one redecorating job around the house that we dread and actively put off doing. After a while, you stop even really seeing it, but deep down you know it's there. Make 2019 the year that you tackle the dreaded job. Set aside a weekend that works and hire in the right equipment or make a trip to the DIY store and just go for it. You'll feel so much better with that niggling job done, and it may even create the momentum to go on to other projects, creating a better, more beautiful, up to date home for you to enjoy.

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