Diamonds | What Do They Say About You

They’re a girl’s best friend. They sparkle in the most beautiful and dazzling ways even in sparse light and bring a smile to your face whenever you see them. They can make a good outfitgreat and make plain jewellery pop. Yet, while any diamond is a welcome selection to your jewellery box, the kinds of diamonds we choose to wear can tell others a lot about us whether we are aware of it or not. 

If you think that a diamond is a diamond is a diamond, think again! As you can see from this review of diamond retailer Ritani, there’s huge variation in the cut, clarity, colour and quality of diamonds and the kinds of diamonds we choose can make a surprisingly massive statement. Let’s take a look at some common diamond cuts and what they tell us about the wearer.

Glamour girls go round
There are some things that are so timelessly stylishthat they’ll never go out of fashion. The little black dress, good shoes, Chanel red lipstick, champagne and (of course) diamonds. And for the glamorous girl who opts for a timeless look a round cut is the way to go. Round cut diamonds have a classic and timeless quality. They’re elegant yet bold. The round cut diamond was first created in the early 1900s and shows no signs
of going anywhere soon.
They may fluctuate in popularity as the years go by but they are the definition of a timeless and glamorous classic.

Princess cut is for the hopeless romantic
She’s a dreamer and has a good old-fashioned sense of romance. She’s a modern woman with a contemporary style yet has very classical notions of love and romance. For her, the princess cut is the epitome of elegance and class.

Square in shape with clean edges and brilliant facets, the princess cut diamond has a fairytale quality to it but also looks modern and a little edgy.

Oval is for girls who go against the grain
Oval cut diamonds are a rare and unconventional choice. And that’s exactly why for the people who love them, there’s simply no other option. They’re the go to for creative and artistic girls who aren’t afraid to defy convention and defy classical notions of beauty.
But that’s not to say that there isn’t something classic and elegant about an oval cut. In fact, an oval cut can actually make a diamond look bigger and create a bold and dazzling look that’s still elegant and classy.

Emerald cut diamonds imply discerning taste
Some girls simply demand the finer things in life! They know what they want and while they can be demanding at times, they demand the same high standards for themselves as the rest of the world. The emerald cut is a firm favorite among high-powered business women and artistic divas alike. There’s something about its understated elegance that attracts large and flamboyant personalities with exacting standards. 

So, all this begs the question… Which kind of diamond suits you best? 
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