November Nights In | Feeling Festive

November is one of my favourite months of the year, not just because it's my birthday (but as a big kid it's obviously a factor) but because of the building excitement, the start of the glitz and glam but also the cosy nights in before the chaos, nights out and partying. My December is already filling up with the girls Christmas night, my works Christmas party and my husband's friends Christmas meal - I'm not actually sure how I'm meant to stay on plan with Slimming World while all of this unfolds. So right now I'm savouring the quiet nights in, curled up on the sofa and getting into the Christmas spirit...
A Christmas movie is the number one way to start feeling festive. My husband has set the rule to be no Christmas movies until after my birthday, but considering I've already watched Elf and Home Alone I don't think that rule is being followed. Gone are the days of only being able to watch the Christmas movies that you've got on DVD or that you can time right on the TV. Having a smart tv gives access to all sorts of apps and with that the biggest selection of films. For us Netflix and Amazon Prime are the best (Amazon definitely has more perks to it, especially if you're a last minute Christmas shopper or can't stand paying delivery charges). 

As much as they are cheesy I absolutely love the Netflix Original movies. On my list are The Holiday Calendar, Christmas Inheritance and A Christmas Prince. They've also got the classics like Miracle on 34th Street, Deck the Halls and Arthur Christmas. For me, as a primary teacher, I love Nativity and you can guarantee I'll be heading to see the new Nativity Rocks at the end of November. Amazon Prime has huge selection too and I love that they match in with Netflix giving you a full range. Obviously I've already used it for Elf but there's Four Christmases, The Holiday, Bad Moms Christmas and Office Christmas Party on there too.  
You can't have a cosy night in without the snacks but with the thought of all the Prosecco, Gin and cocktails that are ahead in December a cup of tea is definitely the cosiest of options for a night in. I'm also loving all the Christmas themed chocolates and biscuits that are lining the aisles of the supermarkets. I'm already devouring the pack of shortbread trees. Not particularly low syn but at least I'm still on plan. The finishing touches to my cosy nights in are always a fluffy throw and a candle lit. Woodwick Sea Salt Caramel has the satisfying crackle sound and a super sweet scent. 
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