NOTD | Autumn Colours

It's new nail day! I've jumped from pink and navy, thank you Mean Girls day, to an official set of Autumn nails. Like I said in my Autumn Outfits Red Jacket post burgundy red shades are my favourite at this time of year and it's time to bring it into my nails. I couldn't settle with a simple set, I'm a magpie and can't resist the glitter. My nails this time are a bit more of a coffin shape  and they're quite long but still completely practical for every day. 

Starting with the Autumnal colour from Gel Bottle Inc's new Autumn collection is Heartless. It's a stunning burgundy colour with the perfect mix of red and purple. I think this will be a popular one on the lead up to Christmas and I've already had loads of compliments on it. As I said, and is probably pretty obvious from my last sets of nails (Goodbye Wedding Nails and  Coral and Smashed Glitter to name just a couple) I've always got a bit of glitter somewhere. This time I went for a gold smashed glitter called Sandy. I love the look of the chunky glitters and this is another one that will look amazing on the lead up to Christmas.

 I was very close to settling for just a glitter accent nail but at the last minute changed my mind and added in a marble nail. My middle nail has a base coat of Daisy, a brilliant white which I love for marble nails. Then using the blooming gel and the colour shadow the marbled lines are added. I couldn't stop there and went for a hint of rose gold, from the new Autumn Collection, and added a bit of bling to the marble. I absolutely love how it looks.
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