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Jewellery is the perfect gift for the ladies in your life, whether it's your Mum, Granny, sister or friend there's something that's extra special for everyone. I especially love it when it's handmade jewellery with a story behind it. Acdria jewellery is handmade in the UK, inspired by nature, made with high quality material and with vibrant colours. They are a small family-run business, based in England. Remember, when you buy from a small business an actual person does a happy dance!

Acdria Jewellery has been around since 2012 and has two main collections, Sterling Silver and Stainless Steel. This is fantastic for whether you're on a budget at Christmas time or if you're buying for someone who has sensitive ears. Then there's the huge range of nature inspired contemporary designs. Everything from butterflies to leaves, feathers to flowers  and even spiders and planets. The realistic looking pendants, earrings, brooches and bracelets are all very realistic but also unique as they are see-through. 
The Forget Me Not flower, a gorgeous blue Spring flower and one that can have hidden meaning for anyone missing someone. I instantly loved the Forget Me Not Necklace with its three little flowers. The flowers are linked up and move together making an elegant necklace suitable for wearing every day or special occasions. The necklace has a stainless steel chain and is 45cm long. This means it doesn't sit too high up and close to the neck but also not too low that it can go unnoticed. Each little flower is 2cm by 2cm.

Maybe you're getting married and looking for your something blue? Or maybe someone has passed away, here's a beautiful little reminder that they're always in thought. At £30 this necklace is an affordable way to treat someone special at Christmas time. There's a few other pieces of jewellery in the range so if your budget is bigger (or smaller) there's a Forget Me Not piece or bundle that's sure to put a smile on their face.

With Remembrance Day coming up this weekend and this year being 100 years since the end of World War 1 I had to get the Poppy Earrings. They're the most stunning red with a sparkly green stone in the centre. The stud has stainless steel posts and the flower is actually quite big at 2cm by 2cm but I think that makes them an even bigger talking point. Both my Mum and my husband commented on them, and my husband wouldn't normally notice what earrings I'm wearing.

The studs are £12 and come in a little jewellery box. The butterfly back is good quality and the flowers are lightweight and comfortable in my ears. This is a gorgeous pair of earrings and you can bet I'll be wearing them every day this week.

Another pair of earrings, and this time inspired by my wedding flowers, is a stunning pair of Chrysanthemum Earrings. I can't quite believe how detailed the design of these flowers are. Every little petal is so intricately created, the design is amazing. These earrings are a little smaller than the Poppy ones at 1.7cm by 1.7cm. This means they are still noticeable but a little better for wearing day to day.  

Again, these earrings come in a lovely little jewellery box and are priced at £12. This is such a good price for a good quality pair of stainless steel earrings. This would make a lovely gift perhaps in a stocking, as part of a Secret Santa or maybe even gifted along with a  bouquet of Chrysanthemums. 

I love how much choice there is on the Acdria Jewellery website. You can find a piece of jewellery to match anyone's favourite flower. I know my Mum loves a lily and it's nice to be able to get her a gift that will last forever. I also can't quite believe how many butterfly designs they have - the colours and patterns make such a gorgeous design.  

So if you're planning ahead for Christmas it's definitely worth checking out what Acdria Jewellery has for your lucky lady...
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