Sophie Kinsella | My Not So Perfect Life Review

I've not read a book in ages after falling into the Harry Potter trap in Spring (and Summer) and then once the sunny weather disappears I forget to make time for reading. I spotted My Not So Perfect Life in the library and picked it up on a bit of a whim, hoping that it would be what I needed to read a bit more. I've always liked Sophie Kinsella novels, since making my way through the Shopaholic series and I enjoyed Finding Audrey earlier this year. It was looking likely that this 2017 lighthearted, romantic comedy was going to be up my street.

The main character is Katie Brenner, a women living the dream in London except that dream isn't quite how it looks on Instagram. Sophie Kinsella nails the characters really well, there's ones I loved and was rooting for and then the ones that I could imagine in real life. I like how it was written in quite distinct settings and I could really picture life in London - the job, the flat- and then the glamping in Somerset. 

I felt like it took a few chapters for the book to really get going back as I reached the last third I realised how important some of those details ended up being. So if you've picked this book up and got stuck around chapter 2 or 3, persevere!
I enjoyed the twists and turns of this book, there was 'oh no' moments that gave me second hand embarrassment and then there was the predictable moments but there's nothing wrong with that some of the time. The story was packed full of humour, like actual laugh out loud moments along with the witty moments that you just can't but smile at. There was also a few moments that pulled at my heart strings - lots of themes of family, friendship and romance.     

It's definitely got a message of the grass isn't always greener, something worth thinking about sometimes. It's a good holiday read, quite a long book but quite fast paced with plenty of hilarity. Get it for your kindle for £4.99, light a candle, get cosy on the sofa and watch the hours disappear.
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