Maybelline Colossal Big Shot | Mascara Review

It's been a while since I've used a mascara that I love. I've spent part of the year with eyelash extensions and another part of the year battling with dried up mascaras and ones that smudge or flake. Thankfully I came across Maybelline's Colossal Big Shot mascara two months ago and I've not looked back since. The gold packaging was just the start of the 5 star reviews for this Maybelline mascara.

Let's start with the brush - the colossal part of the mascara. I absolutely love the big bristle brush, it's quick to use, covers every lash from root to tip and doesn't clump. Sometimes there can be a lot of product on the wand but it's easy enough to scrape it away. This brush is one of the biggest bristle brushes of any Maybelline mascara and it definitely contributes to the effectiveness of this voluminous mascara.

This mascara has a collagen enriched formula which is designed to give volume and I'm always impressed in the results whether it's one coat, two coats or pushing out the boat for three coats. This mascara builds up easily making it suitable for a day or night look and it doesn't flake, smudge or wear off throughout the day. It's able to cover my fair eyelashes right from the root to the top making them much thicker and longer without looking like spiders legs. I also use it on my bottom lashes for a little bit of colour and  without looking ridiculous.

And onto the end of the day. Removing Maybelline's Colossal Big Shot mascara isn't a complete pain or mission. I don't have to rub unnecessarily on my eyes, I can use a bit of Nivea's Eye Makeup Remover on a cotton pad and gently remove the mascara. As for the times that I've jumped into the shower still wearing my makeup, I've managed to leave without looking like a complete panda. 

The true sign of a good mascara is whether I'd buy it again and this one will 100% be repurchased. The only problem is it doesn't seem to last that long, it's only been two months but I'm already getting towards the end of the product... am I using it too much or is there just not much in there? The Very Black colour is a must have for transforming my barely visible lashes into something worth looking at.
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