Birthday Wishlist | Turning 27

It's birthday Wishlist time. I may be turning 27, and have official old married women status but I'm still allowed to want things amn't I? I've done birthday wish lists before and I know some people prefer surprises but I always like to share some ideas with my husband so I might as well share them here too. I suppose it doubles up as a bit of gift inspiration for Christmas time too...

It's been a while since I've worn a onesie but as soon as I saw the Teddy Bear Hooded Onesie I wanted it for its cosiness, its comfort and its cute factor. I normally rock pyjamas around my house in the winter months after work and at the weekend when I'm not up to much but a fluffy onesie might just fit the bill well. 

Mean Girls is my ultimate favourite movie and one Mean Girls Spectrum Collection makeup set made it onto my Boots Christmas Gifts Top Picks but really I'd love one of these for myself. The Mean Girls 7 Brush Set is amazing with all it's little quotes and the metallic makeup bag.

From fun and girly, to grown up and sensible. I would love a new duvet cover for our bedroom and I'm all about yellow to match our grey walls. The yellow and grey floral duvet covers would be very cute and a rather practical gift.  

I feel like every year I want some makeup and especially with my birthday being a month before Christmas, I have my eye on the gift sets. Benefit always do amazing gift sets which are really good value for money. The Benefit Erase Case is a new one but with concealer being my number one used makeup item it's ideal for me.

I'd quite like some new skincare and because I love Revolution makeup I've been tempted to try out their other products. The two that look like they'll suit me skin best are the Revolution Hydrating Gel Cream and Revolution Skin Targeted Under Eye Serum. They're both really affordable. 

I have a lovely Claireabella Bag with Jenna on it and use it loads. I also have one with my 'teacher name' on it but since getting married and changing my name it just doesn't seem right to still be using it. It also doesn't feel right buying myself a new one - don't you think that's a job for my husband?

Okay, so I might already have a hydratem8 waterbottle but it's alright to want another one in pink hydratem8. My current one is getting a bit worn and doesn't look so fresh and clean. It's not like my old one would be thrown away, maybe it would encourage me to drink even more water if I have two.

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