Beauty Treatments | Are Laser or Non-Laser Skin Procedures Better?

Your skin is your biggest organ and the only one on the outside of your body. For those reasons, it is no wonder skin ailments like wrinkles and sun spots are so common. It is simply impossible to protect every square inch of it from damage for your entire life. That is especially true since both external issues and internal issues have direct influences on your skin health.

What you can do is develop a daily skincare routine to try to minimize skin problems. For example, the application of a daily moisturizing cream may help. You can also seek clinical skincare treatment for skin issues as soon as they get beyond the realm of what you can control at home. Our spa afternoon last weekend got me thinking, when it comes time to seek that treatment, are laser or non-laser skin procedures better? 

Lasers Are Not as Powerful as Surgical Procedures
Two of the top skin treatments available today are surgery and laser treatment. Clinicians have often used cosmetic lasers for purposes like skin tightening and general revitalisation over the course of the last several decades. In fact, laser treatment is one of the top outpatient procedures performed in skincare clinics. However, lasers are only so powerful. They cannot always give you instant results like surgery. Nor can they reverse severe skin problems, like excessively sagging skin.

Choosing Laser Treatment Versus Surgical Intervention
Despite their limitations in effectiveness compared to surgery, laser treatments are often better choices. One reason for that is they are not as potentially problematic as surgery. You can schedule a laser appointment without much advance notice in many cases, and it does not require an overnight hospital stay. Also, you will not have to be put under anesthesia. Additionally, laser treatment has far fewer possible side effects than surgery.

Another reason to choose laser treatment instead of surgery is if your skin problems are not severe enough to warrant surgery. Surgery is a powerful treatment typically reserved for worst case scenarios. If you do not have severely sagging skin or another major skin problem surgery is designed to fix, laser treatment makes more sense.

Comparing Lasers to Microdermabrasion and Chemical Peels 
Lasers are not alone in their ability to treat mild to moderate skin conditions. Other clinical procedures, such as chemical peels and microdermabrasion, can be just as effective. Both procedures are types of skin resurfacing, which is much like what it sounds like. Dead skin cells and dirt are removed from the surface, allowing the new, healthy surface to take over. Chemical peels perform that task with specific safe chemical combinations, while microdermabrasion does so by “sanding” debris off of your skin's surface.

Lasers have many clinical purposes. One is to perform laser peels. Laser peels work like chemical peels and microdermabrasion to remove debris from your top skin layer. However, they do so using light and heat, rather than chemicals or abrasive mechanical tools. Choosing between the three procedures is a matter of discussing costs, possible side effects and personal preferences with your clinician.

Other Clinical Options to Improve Your Skin Health Must Also be Considered
When you talk to your clinician, he or she may also recommend alternative skincare procedures, especially if your skin problems are not all on the surface. For example, sound wave therapy is designed for deep tissue concerns. It stimulates collagen to revitalize skin cells. Your clinician can help you choose between all of your laser and non-laser options after assessing the condition of your skin.

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