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I cracked, I'm a sucker for a good offer, I ordered from New Look during their Bank Holiday offer. Saving £25 was too tempting and after putting together a Wishlist I couldn't NOT place an order. Once my lovely big parcel landed on my doorstep I was excited to see how things looked and thought I'd take some photos when I tried it all on and did my haul a little differently. Presenting my New Look Try On Haul...

I am absolutely in love with the first thing, but gutted at the same time. When I clicked on the gorgeous pink and glitter jumpsuit I noticed the reviews mentioning it was see-through and I hoped they were just being a little dramatic and thought I would try it myself. Lets face it, something pink and glittery is so completely me. I really do love the shape and fit. The neckline and wide legs are both really flattering but unfortunately it really is see through. Even with nude underwear they practically glow in the dark through this jumpsuit. This is heading back to the shop and my hunt for another women's jumpsuit begins. 

Onto something a little bit more successful. I spotted this light pink lace yoke blouse just before I went to the checkout. I thought it would be a good option for 'jeans and a nice top' outfits, especially into the winter with the long sleeves. Being pink makes it a little nicer than wearing all black outfits too. It's a brilliant fit and most amazingly the blouse is lined so you don't have to worry about wearing a vest top underneath to hide your bra. A little pricier than most blouses from New Look but it's definitely worth it, good quality and lovely top for all sorts of occasions.

A purchase that was a bit out of my comfort zone was the black check trousers from my Wishlist. After getting Clueless vibes from them I thought they might be a good addition to my workwear wardrobe. I've got short legs so was pleasantly surprised to see they weren't ridiculously long. The waist is completely elasticated and in fact that button at the front is just for show. They're really comfortable and look good with flats or heels. I'm not too sure what to wear it with other than plain white or black tops but I think they're a keeper. 

I'm a little torn on the next one. It's quite obvious how much I've been loving yellow recently and the mustard spot print shirt was ticking all the boxes for me but I'm a little underwhelmed. The material is the type that creases easily rather than being chiffon-like, though it is lovely and soft. The sleeves are quite long but then the body of the shirt is a bit cropped. I feel like it sits just too high and the neckline goes a bit too low that I felt I needed a vest top underneath to feel comfortable. When it costs £23 I won't be keeping it, I'm pretty sure Primark has something similar in stores.

My last purchase is a pair of shoes. The flip flop and sandal weather is nearly completely over but I'm not 100% ready for boots. A pair of pumps is a good happy-medium and with most of mine being plain black I got a little more adventurous and ordered the brown leopard print cut out side pumps. I've already worn them at work and lost count of the number of compliments I got. They're definitely on trend and make an impact. Unfortunately the back is quite rigid and gave my heels awful blisters. I actually thought the pointed toes were going to cause me the problems. I so hope they'll soften up and not rip my feet to shreds next time.
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