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When it came to buying makeup and skincare I always used to use the Boots website, or stock up when I went into the shop but since finding my ultimate favourite product I seem to only ever buy stuff from Superdrug now. I was starting to run out of what could be considered the best concealer on the market so I clicked onto Superdrug and started stocking up on those old favourites and some new products too.

Anyone who's had eyelash extensions will know you feel bald once they've come out. It's horrible to go from long fluttery lashes that are bold and obvious from the moment you wake up to feeling like your eyelashes are pretty much invisible. I have no reason to have eyelash extensions now, if I'm going on holiday then maybe, but for day to day life it's an unnecessary expense and not worth the shedding. Instead I'm hoping to be a little kinder to my eyelashes and try and help them grow thicker and longer. There's not many growth serums that are affordable but GOSH Lashes Growth Serum was at a price point I was willing to try. It's got Sympeptide XLash which is an ingredient that's meant to lengthen and thicken with visible results in 2 weeks. I'm so hopeful that this works and am determined to use it morning and night.
While I'm trying to improve the appearance of my natural lashes I also want a mascara that's going to make my eyelashes look voluminous and quite frankly actually there. Most of my current mascaras are getting a bit past their expiry date or drying up. I had a scan through the reviews and picked out a mascara that had 5 stars and one that I've never used before, Maybelline Colossal Big Shot Mascara. I've had good experiences of Maybelline mascaras before and the collagen enriched formula was something that sounded promising for my suffering lashes. I've already tried it since it arrived this week and I was impressed by the brush bristles that left my lashes long, dark and clump free. It layered up well and kept my lashes feeling weightless but looking bold.
I'm not one to miss out on a 3 for 2 offer so I had a quick think about what I was running out of to make full use of the saving. My Simple Micellar water is nearly empty and although it's been good I fancied trying something new. I've been using some Yes to makeup wipes and I thought I'd try the Yes to Coconut Micellar Cleansing Water. I'm always checking skincare brands and products for hydrating products and things that are going to work well with my dry skin. Yes to Coconut is 95% natural ingredients which definitely helps my sensitive skin.

I feel like this product needs no words now. I've been repurchasing Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer for ages, regularly buying in bundle since the beginning of the year. It's 100% replaced foundation in my everyday makeup, in fact the only time I've worn foundation was for my hen party and wedding. In the winter months the shade C3 suits me best but during the summer and after getting a bit of a tan in Mexico I'm wearing C4 and C5. Is it sad I was excited to see Revolution are releasing a Supersize concealer? Hopefully I won't go through so many, so fast.
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