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I've not been to Primark since they were rapidly trying to get rid of all their Summer stock but didn't have the Autumn and Winter stuff in yet. Now that everyone is on jumpers, boots and hot chocolate mode I'm looking forward to having a nosy through the new season stuff. The Primark website has given a little hint of whats on offer and there's quite a few key pieces that I've got my eye one.

I love the pinafore or dungarees style. I've got a few pinafores from a couple of years ago and I think my black one could do with updating. The £12 pinafore dress is a corduroy material, it's simple and can be worn with long sleeves or short sleeves, tights or no tights. A good little transition piece. 

Another thing that I've got but needs updating is my heeled black boots. Primark has a pair for £14 that has the chunky heel which makes them comfortable for everyday wear, a decent platform to prevent the balls of your feet hurting and the elasticated panel for getting them on and off easily. When winter rolls round I wear boots like this everyday with dresses, skirts, and jeans it's no wonder I need a new pair.

Culottes and jumpsuits aren't just for Summer, and even pink and orange shades can be worn in Autumn and Winter. The floral print on the £8 floral culottes isn't too in your face and the white stripes break up the colour a bit. The £15 jumpsuit is a similar shade of dusky pink/burnt orange and the ribbed material makes it feel a little more A/W than Summer.

Does anyone else decorate their house for Halloween? I think it's probably because we got our house in October so we bought a couple of Halloween-y trinkets and decorations 3 years ago but we don't go all out. I save that for my classroom - it's got spiders webs, stickers, lights, skeletons, hanging ghosts. So I can't quite decide if I'd love the ghost light and pumpkin light for my house or for work! It's only £3 and £2.50 for a little bit of festive fun.

I feel like I'm not the only person gravitating towards trousers for nights out, whether it's a jumpsuit with long legs or wide legged trousers or culottes. These checked trousers have caught my eye and at £15 they're a slightly higher price than usual but perhaps that comes with good quality or fit. I'll definitely be looking for these the next time I'm in a store.

I'm like a broken record with the mustard coloured clothing but I just can't help myself. I'm not ready for the big chunky knits just yet but a jumper is definitely cosier than a cardigan. You can't argue with £6 for a jumper and the cute little pearl buttons on the shoulders and cuffs add a bit of detail and dressiness. 
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