NOTD | Goodbye Wedding Nails

Now that my wedding is over it was time to cut my claws. It's not often that I actually say this but I was started to struggle with my long nails, they'd got out of control. They were long on my wedding day so you can only imagine how long they were 4 weeks later! They were starting to catch on things, kept getting knocked when I was cleaning (could have been a good excuse to get out of it) and the speed of my typing was reduced dramatically. On my new nail day I got them cut much shorter and filed into a square shape. Then it was time to choose the colours and designs.

After having quite plain but classy ombre French Manicure nails I wanted something a bit more interesting. The bright Summer colours are ruled out now that it's September but I'm not ready for the dark Autumnal colours just yet. I turned to a trusty dusky pink shade in Petal by The Gel Bottle Inc on my ring finger and thumb. Petal was used as a base coat with the Magpie Beauty glitter Faith, a supercharged holographic glitter, on top on my middle finger. 

For the last two nails, I went for shades a little more neutral - I still love a bit of marble. With Daisy as the base and Shadow for the marble, it's all done with the help of The Gel Bottle Inc blooming gel. I quite like that none of the designs are the same, I would say it's pretty much impossible to make the lines fade and move like one another. The colours make for some brilliant transition nails from one season to the next.

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