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When we moved into our house nearly 3 years ago we spent the first week or two decorating. No room went untouched. From a lick of paint, to wallpaper, gloss on the woodwork and tile stickers we transformed every room to make it our own. We didn't spend loads of money because lets face it after moving into your first house you don't have loads of money to spare but we did our best and loved the process. One room that we changed a bit but I knew I wanted to do more to was the kitchen.

Our kitchen isn't huge, it's a bit of an L shape and we've taken the door off to give us some more space. We've got a good sized dining room/man cave next door and I love the idea of knocking the wall down and creating an open plan kitchen and dining room. It took a bit of persuasion to convince my husband that it would be a good idea, because obviously he's quite attached to his room. I think he was finally convinced when it came to arguments such as it's good for when we have people round, he'll still have his corner for playing his Xbox and we'll finally be able to stop our rabbit eating the wallpaper!
Obviously a new kitchen and structural changes is going to be expensive so when it came to our wedding gift list we included new kitchen fund and through the generosity of our guests we've got an amazing start. Paired with some of our savings we'll hopefully be able to get the open plan kitchen that we'll love. To kick start the process we've order brochures from different kitchen companies and started picking out the things that we love, must have and then the things we don't like.

We definitely want to have an island, it's the perfect way to add in more storage, a place to sit and a central point to the room. For colour scheme we want something bright and classic. We're gravitating towards silver or chrome door handles and have definitely ruled out copper because as much as I absolutely love the rose gold tones we know it's a trend and will go out of date much quicker than silver ever would. I've been tempted by having some French windows that open out into our garden but I think they'd take away space for kitchen units and storage so I've also been looking at traditional sash windows as an option. Right now we've got our washing machine in the kitchen and our big fridge and freezer in the utility room because of plumbing so I'd love to get that swapped around and maybe even go for an American style fridge freezer. 
To get the ball rolling we've booked a kitchen survey with one of the local companies and have marked out the designs in our brochure that we like best. We've got our budget in mind and are wiling to give and take with our ideas to try and be within budget and get our best value for money. I have no idea how long this process is going to take but how amazing would it be to host Christmas in a gorgeous new open plan kitchen?!
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