GOSH Eyelash Serum | Is There Really Results?

I had Russian Volume lashes done for my wedding and honeymoon. I wanted lashes that would stand out in photos and that would mean I could go makeup free but still look done. It was worth it for a special occasion and a holiday but it's not something that I need done regularly so I left them to fall out and shed naturally (and a little bit of rubbing and pulling). It took a while for them to go and my own eyelashes definitely felt the effect. I was left looking a little bald and bare and I knew I needed to give my lashes some serious TLC. I started to look for some eyelash growth products and stumbled across GOSH eyelash growth serum. It promised thicker and longer lashes in two weeks so I ordered one and quickly put it to the test.

I went for the GOSH growth serum rather than the Hairburst Lash and brow serum from Superdrug because it was half the price at just £14.99 and it had considerably more reviews. It has ingredients called SymPeptide XLash and Follicusan which is meant to thicken, lengthen and promote hair growth. It's perfume and paragon free which is good for my sensitive eyes and is to be applied morning and night for visible results after 2 weeks. That all sounded quite positive and do-able. 

Obviously my eyelashes were in pretty bad state beforehand but I'm delighted to say there's genuine results and my eyelashes look healthier, fuller, thicker and longer all within the 2 weeks promised. The brush is so small it makes applying the serum quick and easy. You can get right to the root of the lashes, I don't find it going all over the place or leaving my eyelids sticky or uncomfortable. I put it on in the morning before my mascara and then at night after taking off my makeup. 

My lashes are fair and obviously this isn't going to change that so I don't see the real changes until I'm wearing mascara. I feel like I have more lashes to cover and all the short, stubby ones are back to full length. The sparse lashes and gaps have been filled and then in general my lashes are longer and overall healthier.

Be patient and persevere, it's totally worth it once you start to see the results! Some people say it takes longer than 2 weeks but that will depend on the situation at the beginning. I think it's going to be one of those products that's now firmly in my skincare routine. You can use it on eyebrows too, but I won't be bothering.  
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