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To get over our wedding and honeymoon blues, because lets face it they're like holiday blues but 10 time worse, we had to book our next break. I've got 2 weeks off work in October but with funds low after the wedding and a new kitchen on the horizon we went for a city break instead. We took advantage of the cheap Easyjet flights and are heading over 600miles away from our house to London. I'm always envious of all the people that can just head into London for the day, for us it's a bit of a big deal. We've been a couple of times before and ticked off the obvious tourist attractions so this time we've made a plan thats a bit more us.

Aladdin The Musical
We always go and see a musical when we're in London as much as my husband probably doesn't love them he doesn't hate them either. Our most recent musicals have been School of Rock, Matilda and Billy Elliot. This time it's a toss up between Aladdin or Lion King but to fit in with other plans we've decided to go for Aladdin. I'm so excited to see the Disney classic's costumes, sets, special effects and to hear the orchestra perform the well loved songs.

My husband watches NFL every Sunday and I have to admit I don't particularly get it but the thing about American sports is they put on a show, it's not just a game or a match. We've been to the basketball in New York and Las Vegas so when the opportunity came up to get NFL tickets in London we couldn't resist. We're going to the Tennessee Titans and Los Angeles Chargers game, I was a little gutted it wasn't the Philadelphia Eagles game but timings actually mean we could get tickets that didn't cost an arm and a leg. I'm not sure who I'm supporting yet but I'm looking forward to going to something new.

Warner Brothers Studio Tour
I was late to the Harry Potter Knight bus, like 15 years late, but finally I get it. I've read the books and watched the movies and actually start to understand the jokes and references. It's funny that it just wasn't my cup of tea for so long but now that I'm a fan we had to book the Warner Brothers Studio Tour. I'm so excited for it coming to life and to explore everything there is to see. I'm sure we'll be sampling a butter beer too.

Sky Garden
Somewhere I didn't really know existed until recently is London's Highest Public Garden. Tickets to the Sky Garden are free but can only be booked a week in advance so we'll have to be organised if we want to be able to witness the spectacular views across London. We might go to the City Garden Bar for a wee cocktail too.

Hub by Premier Inn
We're staying at a Hub hotel and I love how modern, convenient and affordable they are. We've stayed at one in Edinburgh before and although they're small and compact they are the perfect size for two. A comfortable bed in a quiet room is exactly what we need for recharging our batteries during a busy city break. I've been eyeing up the cocktail menu, especially the 2 for 1 deal, and might be tempted by their £5 breakfast for starting off our day right.
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