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Going back to work after 7 weeks of holidays is a real shock to the system. The rushing around in the morning, tackling a hectic workload once I'm home from work and trying to stay on top of it all, chores included, when the energy levels are getting lower and lower. It's so tempting to turn to convenience food and it's easy to fall off the bandwagon. It doesn't have to be the case and I've had to get my head back in the game by thinking which of my favourite meals are quick but healthy. We make our meal plan and go shopping with a list every weekend and these are some of my work week dinners that don't take ages to make, are 100% on plan for Slimming World and most importantly are tasty. 

Popping a pizza in the oven is one of the easiest dinner options but it's far from being Slimming World friendly. A wrap pizza on the other hand is completely on plan and doesn't take much effort. A Weight Watchers wrap is a Healthy Extra B, then I top mine with BBQ sauce (Blend Bros Sugar Free is a low syn option), cheese as part of my Healthy Extra A, cooked chicken, red onions and sweetcorn. 10 minutes in the oven is enough to heat it all up and turn the base crispy. A simple side salad of spinach and tomatoes adds in some speed.

We always seem to have mince in the freezer and one of my favourite things to make is Beef Ragu with Rigatoni. I follow the recipe on the Slimming World website and have a tasty meal in less than 30 minutes. It's funny how much adding some bacon to mince can change the taste, it's much more meaty and rice. 

A lot of our work week meals include chicken and chicken curry is probably one of the ones we have nearly every week. There's a few different ways we've made the spicy classic (including the famous Mayflower powder) but this is quick, convenient and syn free. After cooking chicken and onion in Frylight I add curry powder, Philadelphia Light (or Lightest) and about 200ml of chicken stock. All mixed together and served on spinach and rice just takes 25-30minutes from prep to plate - the time it takes for rice to cook. Cauliflower is an alternative that I use often.

Carbonara is probably the meal that looks and tastes the least Slimming World friendly but is actually completely syn free. I use a recipe from Pinch of Nom and love how rich and cheesy it tastes without sabotaging my weight. I find this really quick to cook because spaghetti takes less than 15 minutes, bacon can be cut up with scissors quickly and cooks quicker than chicken or mince. The only thing that adds to the cook time is reducing down the vegetable stock but even then you can be eating your dinner 20 minutes after getting in the door. Now that's a meal for the late nights at work.

My last work week dinner is actually something that I'm more likely to have at the beginning of the week. There's absolutely no way I'm going to be roasting a gammon joint after work but there's nothing stopping me roasting it on a Sunday afternoon and then serving it up on a Monday night. Gammon with chips made in the Actifry and a salad is so simple but so satisfying. Another alternative if I've not cooked the gammon joint the night before is the slow cooker. A bit more effort but slow cooker BBQ pulled gammon is worth trying. 

What are your go to work week dinners? Are you like me and have that recipe that's reserved for the late nights at work? Is there something you seem to eat week in, week out? I'd love some more recipe ideas for those busy evenings and rumbling tummies.
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