Getting A Spray Tan | 5 Top Tips

I am by no means a spray tan expect, in fact I've only ever had a handful, but I had two recently (one for my hen party and one for my wedding day) and it got me thinking about what you need to know before going to a spray tan appointment. Getting a spray tan is the perfect way to get a healthy glow safely and a good option when you're getting ready for a special occasion or event, a bit like a wedding!
Prepare 24 hours Before
Your skin needs to be exfoliated especially in areas like your knees, elbows, ankles, and wrists before you get your tan. A good base means your tan won't be patchy or streaky and should last longer. I use a combination of a sugar scrub and exfoliating gloves to remove dry, dead skin. Now is the time for any hair removal too so that it doesn't sink into pores and make you look dotty. Moisturise your skin now to hydrate any dry skin and help achieve that spray tan ready skin.
Squeaky Clean Skin
If you can it's best to have a shower before your appointment to wash away any makeup, perfume, lotions and deodorant. Products can interfere with the tanning solution and be a barrier to the tan meaning it doesn't absorb properly. If it's not possible to have a shower just make sure to use an oil free makeup removing on your face and a baby wipe to get rid of deodorant.  
Wear Something Loose and Dark
This is definitely easiest in the summer when you can throw on a black maxi dress and you're good to go. You can wear a bikini, or dark underwear when you're getting your spray tan but most salons and beauticians give you paper pants and a hair net. If you can get away with leaving your appointment bra-less then its even better for avoiding marks. You don't want to be wearing tight clothes or light clothes. Tight clothes will rub and might affect some areas of your tan whereas light clothes face the risk of being stained orange from the guide colour.  
Flip Flops on your Feet
You don't want a beautiful tan all over for it to stop at your ankles. Wearing socks and shoes after getting your spray tan runs the risk of sweaty feet, tan rubbing off or not developing properly. A pair of flip flops are easy to slip on after your appointment - not quite so easy in the winter time or on a rainy day!   
Be Patient
You can't expect to go about your usual day and routine straight after a spray tan. You certainly won't be heading to the gym as sweating affects the tan and you need to wait around 8 hours before showering. Depending on what time your appointment may be that might mean the tan can develop as you sleep (in which case a towel on your bed might help with orange marks on your bedding) or else you can shower off the top layer just before bedtime. 
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