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I've been thinking about my wedding perfume since walking through Duty Free in Portugal on the way home from my hen weekend. One of my best friends, who got married on the 28th of July last year (anniversary twins), was giving me some advice. We spoke about having an old or new perfume, a photogenic bottle, colour matching a theme and having the right scents. Like so much in wedding planning there's lots to consider and after lots of chat and searching in-store and online I've finally made the decision and like lots of lovely things it came in a little blue box - Tiffany & Co Eau De Parfum.

To begin with I considered wearing my favourite, Mugler Alien, perfume but I decided I wanted something new and a bit more 'exclusive' so that whenever I wore it I would think of my wedding day. I also thought the Alien bottle was too masculine looking and just didn't fit with anything in my wedding style. With that I started to look for something new, floral and luxurious. It didn't take long for my love of New York City to sneak in through some Tiffany's.

Tiffany & Co Eau De Parfum comes in a classic Tiffany's blue box and is a gorgeous crystal bottle that reminds me of the Princess Cut of my engagement ring. I was sold just thinking about how it would look in photos but thankfully the glamorous and romantic brand has made an equally gorgeous scent.

Tiffany & Co Eau De Parfum is a gorgeous floral perfume that isn't too over powering and settles into a feminine, powdery scent. Obviously as a wedding perfume I want it to be fresh and girly but also be long lasting. I've tried it out a few times just to make sure, and as lots of the reviews say, it lasts all day and doesn't fade. I will still be making sure it's on hand for a quite spritz before the evening reception starts. The ingredients include vert de mandarine, iris flower and patchouli which all contribute to the strong, sophisticated and sensual fragrance.

If you can't treat yourself to a Tiffany's perfume for your wedding then when can you?! I wonder if my fiancĂ© picks up on my hints and makes sure there's more than one little blue box on my dressing table on the morning of the wedding... 
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