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I would say I'm quite petite and that includes my boobs. I'm a 32B and though most of the time it doesn't bother me I do always wear a bra with a decent amount of padding and buying a bikini can be quite a horrible experience when some swimwear leaves you feeling completely flat chested. For most outfits I wouldn't dream of going bra-less, I even got a bra sewn into my wedding dress just to make sure I've got a bit of something there. Don't get me wrong, it doesn't affect me that much, I'm not planning a boob job anytime soon but there's just some outfits that look better with a bit of lift and a bit of cleavage. I've tried a few different push up bras, normally on the cheap side, and some have a bit of impact but nothing quite like the Upbra.

Upbra is an American brand which launched in 2015 designed to give lift and cleavage naturally. After 6 years of development from designers and engineers they came up with the Upbra design with ActiveLift Technology. I couldn't resist trying out a product designed specifically for small breasts.

I chose the Upbra convertible bra* and Upbra Miraculous Stay-Up Strapless Bra*, because I like to be able to swap easily between having straps or no straps depending on what I'm wearing. I also went for a black bra and a white bra as it seemed like the best options so that I can wear them with most outfits. The Miraculous Stay-Up Strapless bra, comes with straps, and is $89. The Upbra convertible bra is $82. That works out about £67 and £61. 

There's a few things that make the Upbra as good as other bras but also better. So like most bras the strap at the back is adjustable with 4 different hook choices. This is brilliant for having a proper fitting, comfortable, supportive bra. Most of my bras only have 3 choices so 4 makes the Upbra even better. I got both bras in my usual size and both fit so well. I like to be able to do up my bra a bit tighter if I'm going strapless just to be sure that everything going to be secure.

Upbra have also thought about that though and added in some interesting little hearts all over the cup of the bra. They're not there as a cute little design, they're actually grips. The special vinyl is similar to silicone but feels much more comfortable and doesn't irritate your skin. These help keep your strapless bra up throughout the whole day and night, none of that embarrassing bra rearranging and wriggling.

The best thing about the Upbra bras and the real selling point is the cleavage control straps. These amazing little straps added in below the cup are able to change your look completely adding lift and cleavage making your chest look up to 2 sizes bigger. Rather than wearing an over padded bra that looks unnatural and can have a gap or fall down the patented active-lift technology is comfortable, well-fitting and gives instant results. All you've got to do is pull the straps across and clip them in along the strap below your boobs. Job done.

Upbra Before
Upbra After

It's crazy that one bra can have two completely different looks. My chest looks completely different and it took seconds! The control straps can be a little fiddly to move when you're wearing the bra but really once you've used it a few times you get used to it. The Upbra isn't just for small chested ladies. If you've got bigger boobs and you struggle with lift and support the Upbra control straps could make the change you need too.

Delivery is obviously from America but I was so impressed with how quickly it arrived. I waited less than 2 weeks and when you compare that to some deliveries within the UK it's really not that bad. Shipping is less than £10, usually around £7 or £8 but there can also be tax/duties which can add another £10-15. That's the worst bit about ordering from the States and it's also a bit unpredictable with cost. Overall though, I reckon it's worth it if the results are something you've been trying to achieve with no luck. 

If you fancy getting your hands on your own Upbra you can save $10 off your order using the discount code SUTUPBRASB10D. Maybe you've got a special occasion dress that will look a bit better with some lift or you've been feeling a bit self conscious. 
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