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We're getting to the point now with our wedding where we just need the finishing touches. It's the little things that help accessorize the day, look pretty in pictures and become a talking point with guests. Wish and Ali Express have both been used loads on the lead up but now there's no time risking buying things outwith the UK. I wasn't expecting to find things in Primark but they did me proud.

I've got all the little bits and pieces for my bridesmaids, I'll be sure to share what was inside their personalised gift boxes after the wedding. Like so many others I've got dressing gowns for wearing on the morning of the wedding but I was just thinking recently that we could do with something on our feet, even though we'll be in my house it's nice to be wearing flip flops or slippers. Primark came up trumps with literally the perfect coloured slippers. For £4 each I got pink memory foam slippers with a rose gold bow for my bridesmaids and white slippers for me. 

Another little decorative item that I had been looking at online was a letter board. I was finding it hard to find a good sized one for a decent price. Buying it from China wasn't proving to be a cheaper option for this one. I wondered if Primark had them and it was one of the first things I saw when I walked in the Rose Street entrance at the Edinburgh Primark store. I love the copper frame and I couldn't quite believe how many letters it actually came with for just £6. I've already added my message to the board and it's going to be used at our Pimp Your Prosecco Station. 

My next purchase was an absolute impulse buy and it was definitely helped by the little red reduced sticker. This LED Love Light was only £2 down from £5 and is too cute. We're getting married in a marquee connected to a village hall, because of that we've got so much opportunity to decorate and add little touches. I can imagine this LED light in so many different places in amongst our million other fairy lights.

My last little wedding accessory isn't strictly limited to weddings but I've got an idea in mind. We're having a basket in the girls toilets with all the little touch up essentials. We've seen it loads at other weddings and it's a good idea for anyone needing a freshen up or for any little disasters. I have a basket, from Primark, ready to use when my fiancĂ© piped up that he wants one for the mens toilet too. Not to be left out he's hoping for a male version including deodorant, mints and hairspray. It's easy enough to do but I didn't have anything to put it in. Thankfully Primark still had the little crates in store so I bought a grey star cut-out crate for £6.

Did you have any wedding accessories and added touches that were last minute but ended up being a big hit? Somehow we're having a sweetie table, pimp your prosecco and donut wall without ever thinking about them when the planning first started. Funnily enough it wasn't even me who pushed for all these things - it's the Groomzilla in this case!
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