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The run up to the wedding has been busy but I can't quite believe how hectic the last week before has been. It's not particularly been admin, creating or making that's been keeping me busy though, it's all the pre-wedding pampering! I've never had so many beauty appointments in such a short space of time. It's all been completely worth it though to help me look and feel my best on our big day, in the photos and into our honeymoon.

Great Lengths Hair Extensions
My most expensive and extravagant pre-wedding pamper is getting hair extensions. I had a hair appointment on the week of the wedding to make sure my colour was looking fresh but the month before I had Great Lengths Hair Extensions put in. Upon recommendation of my hair dresser, I wanted to add some thickness to my hair to prevent my hair looking thin or tail-y when it's styled on my wedding day. I don't like wearing my hair up so it was definitely going to be down, half-up or to the side and a style like this benefits from some thickness. Getting the extensions put in a month before the wedding has meant I've been able to get used to them and any natural shedding has passed. My hairdresser colour matched me, ordered a length very similar to mine and put them in within an hour. This £150 splurge may seem a bit crazy but they're so natural most people don't realise I've had it done but my hair looks so much fuller and healthier.

Russian Volume Lashes
This pre-wedding pampering appointment is actually a good one for my honeymoon too. When I go on holiday I don't want to have to bother with mascara so having lashes done is so convenient. I love Russian Volume Lashes as they're really lightweight, you would barely know you've got them on, and they look amazing in photos (hence why they're brilliant for a wedding, no worries about strip lashes lifting). These lashes give a fuller, fluffier look than other eyelash extensions and are worth the extra money. 

Eyebrow Wax and Tint
I didn't actually think I was going to bother with any treatments when it came to my eyebrows. I get them threaded every 3-6 months and I was going to leave it at that however after having a makeup trial I realised how much impact my eyebrows can have. I've got really fair eyebrows and in photos they can sometimes look like they're not even there. After getting them filled in with my makeup I decided it was better to get them tinted so that they'll look a little more natural and so that it's another part of my face that looks done on my honeymoon without having to bother. When you get your brows tinted it's a good idea to get them waxed too to help with shape and get rid of any stray hairs you probably didn't realise were there. 

Getting my nails done is a big thing for me anyway, I always have gel nails done and get something fun, different and exciting every time so obviously I need wedding nails. Obviously your hands play quite a big role in your wedding from the exchange of wedding rings, to holding your bouquet. We're doing hand fasting (literally tying the knot) as part of our humanist ceremony and we'll be cutting our extra special cake. There's so many photo opportunities so a perfect manicure is a must. I will 100% be sharing my wedding nails on my blog.

Spray Tan
This was the pre-wedding pampering appointment that had me umm'ing and ahh'ing for the longest time. I don't tan very well naturally so knew that booking into the sun beds was never going to happen, I'd either be a lobster or have dodgy tan lines. I thought about going au naturale because the thought of sweating fake tan onto my dress was awful. After a chat with my beautician I soon realised that actually a light spray tan might be the exact thing I needed. This would be able to even out any colour I had got from the heatwave recently and give me a healthy looking glow. I went for a trial to be able to see how it would look and how it would react with my skin. This confirmed a spray tan was going to be part of my pre-wedding pampering process. The colour looked brilliant in the photos of my Barbie Hen night and no orange armpits!
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