NOTD: Hen Party Nails

I can't believe it's time for getting new nails already. I loved the last set I had and they hadn't grown out very much but needs must because these are my hen party nails. Normally it doesn't take me too long to choose what to get done, a quick look on Pinterest usually helps but this time was difficult. I have no idea what the theme of my party is so that left me with no direction for my nails. Glitter is it then!

My Mum and two bridesmaid both had pink nails, and that's something my Mum would never have, so I took that as a bit of a hint and went for pink too. The pink on my pinky and middle finger is Princess from The GelBottle Inc. It's the sweetest, bubblegum pink I think I've ever worn and I actually love it. Initially I had planned 3 gems along the base of my nail, next thing I know we've added enough to make a triangle design. To be fair I probably wouldn't object to a full nail of gems if it was suggested!

Onto my favourite bit, the glitter! On my ring finger I've got Princess as a base colour and my favourite Magpie Smashed Glitter on top - Minnie. I think this is just me in a glitter form and I've had it a few times before. It's one that people always notice. Moving onto my thumb I've got another smashed glitter - Rachel. This silver chunky glitter reminds me of a disco ball and is one of the best smashed glitters to apply. We put this on top of a white base called Daisy.    

The last finger also has Daisy as a base coat and a chunky glitter on top called Gemma. This time the glitter is a bit more subtle and holographic. I feel like this is my hint of bridal vibes. I also love a bit of white to go with my tan. So what do you think? How do they compare to my hen weekend nails? Pink and glitter theme compared to a rose gold theme. There's definitely a lot of bling in both of them. 
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