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Saturday marked 3 weeks to our wedding but also my home hen. We went away to Portugal back at the Easter weekend, which now feels like so long ago, and now it was finally time to celebrate at home. I wrote my list of lovely ladies who I would like to be there and the rest was down to my bridesmaids. Everything was a surprise, except the date... just so everyone  could make sure I would be there!  

My fiancĂ© gave me a lift to the venue, after a little detour around town first, and I was really excited to arrive at the village hall that we're having our marquee at. Walking in and seeing everyone was amazing, there was so many different Barbies and of course Barbie Girl by Aqua was playing. 
I was so excited to get all dressed up and get back out and join everyone. I had a few suspicions on my outfit as I knew I needed a white bra and a little pair of shorts for underneath. Bride Barbie was ready with all her little accessories including a Barbie necklace and vest top, Bride to be Sash and veil and Bride tattoo. I also had an inkling on the theme after seeing everyone's pink nails in the past few days so I was quite happy with my choice of nails

Seeing the effort everyone put in was really amazing. Everyone was so different and people were able to be something that suited their style or personality. I also love how bright and colourful everyone is and how much pink is in the photos. 

Bride Barbie
With my Mum and sister in law to be
Team work / Bride and Bridesmaid Barbies
Bridesmaids / Work besties

What's a hen party without some games?! We played a few different games with a mixture of team, individual and competition elements. There was prizes for the winners - a Team Bride mason jar with sweets, a shot, nail varnish, face mask and party popper inside. The first game we played was actually totally for me. I had a minute to give everyone the right Barbie badge. Let's just say it would take more than a minute to just read the badges let alone run (in heels) to hand them all out. They upped the time to a minute and a half and I only had 6 left to hand out. Meaning 6 shots to start my afternoon.

It wasn't long until we headed outside for a game of 'pop the balloon'. Everyone had a balloon tied to their ankle and the aim of the game is to be the last one with your balloon intact. I'm friends with a lot of competitive ladies and there was quite a few tired out and sweaty Barbies by the end. Onto the Mr & Mrs Game. Mark had answered lots of questions like who's bossiest and who's the best kisser and it was up to everyone to show their paddle to decide. For everyone I got wrong I had to take a shot and everyone else had to have a drink when they were wrong. I finished the game with 2 shots - pretty good going!

Back inside we had a good old classic toilet roll wedding dress game. Now that I see the photos I'm not quite sure how we managed it but my team won! The last few games included  Junk in the Trunk (ping pong balls in a tissue box), Bra Pong and Prosecco Pong. We also did quite a few impromptu dance offs. 

The music was amazing from the minute I walked in until the time to head out arrived. One of our Barbie girls has a DJ boyfriend and he was roped in to be the DJ for the day/night. He  knew exactly what tunes to play and he fitted right in throughout the night. He's going to be the most frequent hen party male attendee ever.

Another thing I absolutely loved was the Barbie box. It was the best Photo Booth prop ever. Everyone had a wee shot inside and I couldn't resist getting a quick photo with my real life Ken when he arrived to drop off hay fever tablets for one of the Barbie's who hadn't expected to be playing games outside. We even took the Ken sign off the blow up doll and popped it round his hen for a proper Ken and Barbie photo.

The bridesmaids truly outdid themselves when it came to decorating the hall. Every single wall had photos of me and that in itself must have taken ages. They had so many balloons both blown up and on the ground but also with helium attached to chairs. I went into town with at least 3 balloons attached to me. There was so many amazing rose gold accessories and then all the Barbies! There was Barbies all over the hall and Barbie decorations and photo props. There was a Bubbly Bar in the corner to make sure everyone started the day with plenty of Prosecco and there was a huge spread of food to make sure everyone could last all night.

I seriously am the luckiest Bride to be. What a hen party! I love looking back on the photos and the hangover on the Sunday was 100% worth it. I'm just looking for an excuse now to get the Barbie box Photo Booth back out.
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