Choosing The Perfect Wedding & Engagement Ring

Getting engaged and getting married are both incredibly exciting times. After all the planning, ceremony and reception have passed you can settle down into married life with the main reminder of that special day and the commitment you’ve made being your wedding rings. You want to make sure everything is perfect for your wedding and your rings should be no exception. There are a couple of things to keep in mind when looking for the perfect rings. 

The right style 

On the surface rings can seem like a fairly straightforward piece of jewellery, and most wedding rings are intentionally simple looking. However, there are subtle shifts in style and profile that you need to take into account.  Try going to a number of jewellers to do some research first. You can in some cases book appointments to speak to someone like at Peter Jackson and use their expertise, this can be really useful in steering you in the right direction.  Engagement rings tend to be much more ornate and lave a lot more variation in the choice of style you can opt for. From the shape of the ring, to the cut of the gem, its setting and if you opt for one or multiple stones, there are a lot of options to consider. The best way to find the right style is to think about the person the ring is for. It should be something they would like, maybe something they’ve dropped hints about, or you can ask other people for ideas on. This can help you to start identifying the right rings, then you start narrowing your options down by other factors such as budget. 

The right materials 

Wedding rings are traditionally a simple band in gold or silver, however over the years other materials have become more popular, especially for men’s rings. This includes choices like platinum, tungsten and cobalt which are usually darker in colour and more subtle, allowing them to fit more easily with someone’s personal style. Material is another choice that can help you refine your choice. Do you want your wedding rings to match, such as having two simple gold bands, or do want rings that are more individually suited to your own style, like a thin white gold band for the bride and a darker cobalt ring for the groom? With engagement rings you need to think about the choice of gemstone, this is traditionally a diamond but people have frequently opted for other stones due to personal preference. 

Properly fitted 

You should make sure your rings fit properly, and that the shape and style you think you’d like are comfortable to wear. For example, you might think you want a thicker band, but when you try this sort of ring on that thickness might be less comfortable than you thought. 

Some materials can be resized to give you a better fit, however with materials such as cobalt or tungsten this isn’t always the case, so you might need to factor in the length of time it takes for a ring to be made into your planning. Especially if you’ve left finding them later on in your wedding prep.  A wedding ring is supposed to represent a lasting bond, so making sure your choice of design isn’t something you struggle to wear or are unsure about the look of is important.  Your rings are symbolic but are also really personal, this is why you should talk about what you want them to be like, take the time to research and find the ones that reflect your personal style.
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