The Fox Tan Rapid Elixir & Mist Review

I am an absolute sun worshipper. When the temperatures reached 26 degrees today I made sure to get outside as often as possible from a game of rounders to reading outside at school then getting home sharp to read my kindle and dine al fresco. I always make sure to wear suncream and top it up but as a fair, blondie I don't tend to get much of a glow or change of colour at all. When I heard about The Fox Tan on Instagram I thought it was too good to be true.

The Fox Tan is available in two different forms - The Fox Tan Rapid Elixir and The Fox Tan Rapid Mist so basically a cream in liquid and spray form. As for what it is, it's a tan accelerator from Australia. With a 'FoxComplex' ingredient (an active amino acid charged formula) this vegan and cruelty free product is packed full of goodness designed to nourish your skin whilst helping you tan faster and darker. With illuminous white skin like mine it needs all the help it can get.

The Fox Tan Rapid Elixir is the first step in the tanning process, it kick starts the Melanin production process. It's meant to be applied days before UV exposure so if you're using a sun bed or going on holiday it's easy to plan ahead and apply it regularly beforehand. The difficult thing for me, just using this at home in Scotland, was to know whether the weather forecast was accurate enough for a bit of sunbathing. I did my best and quite liked the moisturising effect and nice scent. The bottle is a little on the small side so I would imagine this would only do one holiday before needing to be repurchased.

The Fox Tan Rapid Mist is the product that you need by your sun bed, it's to be sprayed on in the sun to speed up the tanning process. I prefer this to the elixir simply because I find a spray easier and more convenient to apply. The important thing to remember is this is not an SPF so you've got to wear a sunscreen underneath to be protected. It's easy enough to layer the products but the oil based product can get a little slippery. That being said I don't find it too oily or uncomfortable on my skin. Again the bottle isn't huge but I think it would last well for a holiday.    

So the results aren't ground breaking, I've been using it on my arms and chest as my legs haven't had much opportunity to get out much. Bare in mind I've only been using it in Scotland and though the past few days have been beautiful it's not been perfect conditions for the length of time that would be optimal. I'm not sure I've every seen so much colour in my skin without suffering from sunburn. I can't wait to pack this for when we head to Mexico, if I can get a bit of a glow at home from a little bit of sunbathing then what will I achieve from a week of full-on sunbathing!? I think I'll have to buy some more from Superdrug before we jet off as I can guarantee my fiancĂ© (soon to be husband) will be pinching it from me.
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