Primark Haul | June 2018

I spent my Saturday morning in Primark last weekend, like literally at least an hour wandering the  4 floors of the Prince Street store, and I came out by lunch time with two bags full. I had quite a few things on my shopping list and though there wasn't that much stand-out fashion items I managed to stock up on lots of basics and get myself a little more prepared for our honeymoon. Other than ordering clothes online I don't have any more plans for shopping before our wedding and honeymoon so I was feeling the pressure to get organised. I don't think I did too bad a job...
Primark has got on board 100% with the button front, stripe, culotte and jumpsuit trends. It was actually quite hard to narrow it down because I didn't want to go overboard when I've already got a few in my wardrobe and I'm not convinced culottes are the right style for me. I bought a jumpsuit none the less and it's going to be perfect for my end of term lunch and drinks on Friday. It was £13 and is a good quality material so there's no worries about it being see through. 

Yes, I said culottes aren't definitely right for me, but I had to try a plain pair for honeymoon styling. The culottes are £8 and I sized down to help with petite problems. I could definitely wear these during the day in San Francisco or dressed up for a night time outfit in Mexico. That's the sort of versatile packing I need to do to maximise my shopping allowance. I love these vest tops from Primark, they are my go-to tops for the summer and they're only £4. The material makes them a little dressier and they're nice and lightweight for warm days. 

When you find a top that you love, buy it in more than one colour. When I first bought these in April I got it in pink, white, black and a flower print. Now I've increased my vest top range to include a gorgeous neon coral which was reduced to £2, a refreshed white one and a monochrome printed one, both for £4. These have been amazing for throwing on with a pair of jeans and kimono for work and underneath my dungarees. I'll be branching out to wearing these with shorts on holiday and they're quite good for layering with a cardigan or hoody for in San Francisco.  

Speaking about shorts I have a pair of navy chino shorts from Primark but they're too big now that they have no chance of staying up without a belt so I bought a new pair in a smaller size for a more comfortable fit. They're £6. These seem a little shorter than my last ones but they're good for holidays. I also made a major impulse buy picking up a swimming costume. I've already got quite a few bikinis but I wanted options. A swimsuit is quite good if you're doing something, so a waterpark or some sort of activity. I have no idea if that's even on the cards for Mexico but I'm prepared. This is a body shaping swimming costume so a good one for the end of the all inclusive week! It was £10.
How hard is it to take photos of white and black clothes? I said I bought lots of basics and this is just a summary of them. I was having a bit of a grumble the other day that lots of my vest tops for under tops or cardigans are either off colour, losing their shape or the wrong size completely. I nearly bought tops from New Look but I knew there was no beating Primark prices and actually their quality is up there with other high street stores. The shoestring vest tops are £1.80, thick strap vest tops are £2 and crew neck t-shirts are £2.50. Now I can have a proper wardrobe clear out and get rid of any white vest tops that are no longer bright white but I'm also determined to keep these new and fresh for my holiday outfits, the struggles. 
How out of season are these boots? I probably won't put these anywhere near my feet for a few weeks but it's a bit like buying your sandals from Primark in February, if you don't buy it when you see it you know it won't be in stock when you go back. I've got a nice pair of flat brown ankle boots that I've worn to death but didn't have a black pair of ankle boots and now I do for just £8. I've not bought a necklace from Primark is such a long time but I think this is a cute little accessory for dressing up an otherwise plain outfit, a little bit pricier for £6.
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