Outfit of the Day | Standard Saturday

Another outfit post and this time it's with what I'd like to call a standard Jenna Saturday outfit. I wasn't doing anything fancy, just the weekly shop, a few jobs around the house, an afternoon in the garden (I'm still hooked on reading) and a spot of wedmin. Nearly all of our RSVPs have been returned so it was time to get the evening reception invites ready and delivered. I've lost count of how many invites I've made! It was definitely a productive day and I was comfortable and put together with very little effort.

I wear black jeans most days at work so I like to go blue at the weekend to feel like I'm not stuck in a rut. My favourite jeans are my pair of ripped Amelie jeans from River Island. I know ripped jeans aren't suitable for everything but a casual day running about, they're perfect. I love this black cami, the high neckline and lace panel is really flattering. It was quite good for trying to top up my tan on my arms too. Unfortunately this top is a bit old so not in store any more but there's a similar cami top from New Look with the lace panel. 
Again I'm wearing my rose gold sandals from New Look and my trusty sunglasses. The sandals are from the Teen section but they're perfect for my size 5 feet; they're just cheaper than the adult range of sandals. So if you're up to a size 6 it's worth checking out the Teen range for a bit of a bargain. The shoes and sunglasses both match my Fitbit, which is definitely a coincidence rather than careful planning. My Fitbit definitely helped encourage us to walk around town delivering the invites rather than jumping in the car. An extra 8,000 steps added to the day.

My hair is a bit thrown together thanks to some 2nd day curls and a generous spray of Batiste. Right now my favourite hair curler is an old Lee Stafford barrel wand, it gives big beachy waves and they stay put all day. Again it's not in store anymore but this Rainbow Shine Wand looks a similar size and 10x prettier. Fool proof Summer hair.
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