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My go-to outfit for a day at work, 9 times out of 10, includes a pair of black jeans. Being able to wear a pair of jeans but still be professional and comfortable is great. Whether it's a blouse, a vest top and kimono or top with cardigan and then a pair of flip flops, boots or trainers I'm set for a day in the classroom. Lets face it a day teaching can involve anything from running around in the gym, to painting, playing the recorder or doing your 10,000 steps by 3pm - you need to be in practical clothing. 

With that my jeans can end up looking a little faded after the continuous cycle of wearing, washing and wearing again. I was sorting through my chest of drawers recently to be faced with 7 pairs of faded black high waisted jeans. Seven. Though each pair only cost me £9 in the first place I wasn't prepared to give them up just because they were looking a bit grey rather than black so I started looking into giving them a new lease of life. Dylon Intense Black All-in-1 fabric dye seemed like the best option for me.

The Dylon Pods are so easy to use and at £3.75, quite good value for money. Inside the plastic pod is 350g of dye and salt which opens up the fabric and allows the dye to be absorbed. All you've got to do is dampen your fabric, remove the packaging and label from the pod and place it inside for a cycle. When it finishes you repeat the cycle with detergent. It couldn't really get much more convenient than that.

Black Jeans Before Using Dylon Intense Black Dye

Black Jeans After Using Dylon Intense Black Dye

Pictures speak a thousand words and that's definitely the case for my before and after Dylon Intense Black pictures. On the washing line shows it best, the jeans look as good as new. The dye isn't at all patchy or streaky and the pod was able to dye 4 pairs of jeans making it less than £1 to refresh a pair. There's no need for being wasteful when it comes to fashion and clothing. 

One thing to note, you must clean your washing machine with an empty cycle after using the dye pod. I've noticed that even after that I can still find little flakes of dye, they pick of most of my clothes but I'm worried that it might ruin some of my lighter clothes. I definitely only follow up a black dye was with a dark load of washing and throwing in a colour catcher helps give me a bit of peace of mind. Giving the drum a wipe down is always a good idea too. 

With 22 colours to choose from it's not just black jeans you can give a new lease of life. I'm starting to wonder what homeware items could be dyed... 
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