UTan & Tone Nourishing Night Creme Review

We've had some beautiful weather recently and I've taken every opportunity to sit out in the garden and work on my tan. I'm typically really pale so being able to get a bit of colour and glow makes me look a little healthier. Unfortunately the only thing that's happening to my face is a mass invasion of freckles. To be fair, I quite like my freckles, but I wanted something a bit more. I've got a few different gradual tans that I use on my body but with dry, sensitive and blemish prone skin I don't apply it to my face.  But finally I've found a face product that I can actually use on my dry skin without getting drier and flakey as well as add a bit of colour. Thank you so much UTan and Tone.

UTan and Tone is a Scottish Tanning brand that is manufactured in Britain and could be considered to be the new kids on the block and industry leaders in innovation when it comes to fake tan. They actually first came into my radar when I read about their Tan Gummies (which are always out of stock and something I still completely want to try).  UTan products are designed to give a natural colour, free from orange tones, without the classic fake tan smell. The body sculpting technologies in UTan and Tone are meant to improve skin texture and firmness while creating a natural looking, sun-less tan.
I decided to buy the UTan and Tone Nourishing Night Creme when it was on offer on the Superdrug website. Normally it's £24.99 and I wouldn't typically spend that much on a product that I don't know much about but it was only £16.59 and had some 5 star reviews so I took the risk. After the first time I put it on my other half made comment about 'having caught the sun' so it must look slightly natural and definitely gets to work quickly. I would say the risk has paid off...

The creamy product comes in a good little push top contraption that makes applying it easy. You don't need much to cover your face and it doesn't feel at all greasy. You do have to make sure you wash your hands and be careful around your eyebrows, especially if you've got fair hair like me. As I said, with dry skin like mine I was worried that by missing out my moisturiser at night time and replacing it with a gradual tan that I'd have horrible dry patches but that's definitely not the case. My skin has a glow and feels healthy at the same time. The ingredients list features hyaluronic acid, vitamins and antioxidants which all helps to protect and condition. Unfortunately the biscuity fake tan smell isn't completely missing but it's not the worst smelling gradual tan that I've used. 

The UTan and Tone Nourishing Night Creme has become part of my skincare routine and I find that just once or twice a week is enough to give me that healthy, holiday glow. The bonus is definitely no orange staining on my pillow too. 
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