Slimming World Breakfasts | Biscuits & Overnight Oats

I've been following Slimming World since January 2017 and have lost 2 stone, which I've maintained for the majority of this year. Although it's nearly been 18 months since I made those first changes in my lifestyle I'm still trying out new recipes and making changes. It's important not to get stuck in a rut and bored of what your eating and the thing I've enjoyed experimenting with most with this year is breakfast. In January I shared two of my favourite Sweet Slimming World breakfast recipes and I'm back sharing two more. 

Both of these Slimming World breakfast recipes use 40g of porridge oats, which is a healthy extra B allowance for the day. Both recipes have strawberries as they're hands down my favourite speed fruit. My breakfast during the week tends to be fruit and yogurt or porridge so it's nice to take a little more time at the weekend and enjoy a bit of a sweet treat.

Breakfast Biscuits
40g Porridge Oats
1 Tablespoon of Sweetener
1 Egg
3 Drops of Vanilla Essence

Spray a tray with frylight and pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees. Mix all of the ingredients in a bowl and pour onto the baking tray. The ingredients can make 2 big biscuits or 3 smaller ones, anything more doesn't work as well. Cook the biscuits in the oven for about 15minutes. I serve the biscuits with 4syns of Nutella, chopped strawberries and banana. 

Overnight Oats
40g of porridge
Syn free yogurt e.g Muller Light 
Chopped fruit

Start by spooning a layer of yogurt into a jar, I've used a Kilner drinks jar. Add a layer of porridge oats then fruit and repeat. Screw on the lid and leave it in the fridge overnight. The porridge oats absorbs the yogurt and leaves you with a breakfast you can pick up and go in the morning. Easy! Frozen fruit works well as it defrosts overnight and you can mix up the flavour of your overnight oats by changing the combination of yogurt and fruit. I quite like a Banofee flavour using Toffee Muller Light and bananas. 
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