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My hen weekend has passed and now the big countdown to the wedding is well and truly on, I can't quite believe how quickly time is passing. I feel like the wedding is taking up about 80% of my brain at all times and that was definitely the case when I was in Primark recently. They've introduced a huge range of Bride to Be/Wedding products and I had to stop myself buying everything. Instead of being drawn in by everything white and sparkly I tried to focus on getting organised for our honeymoon. We leave 2 days after the wedding so I certainly won't be leaving the packing to last minute! 
I was sucked in by the Bride To Be pyjama set for £4.50. How perfect is this for the night before the wedding? I can't quite decide if it was the rose gold glitter or the little pink shorts that won me over. I was gutted that the Bridesmaid version was in blue, hence why I didn't buy a set for my whole bride squad. I'm hopeful that they'll bring out some more different styles before July, hint hint Primark.

In my recent Spring Wishlist I featured the Minnie Mouse Travel Pillow, £6 and I was delighted to find it in store. It was a little toss up between Minnie and Eeyore but with pink being the colour of most of my luggage it just made more sense. I'm hoping this will help me get some sleep on my long haul flights on my honeymoon - we've got a lot of travelling to do!
Primark has some of my favourite swimwear and I practically ran over to this bright yellow set. The bikini top is a boost, padded, underwire top so cost £8 and the bottoms were £4. £12 for a gorgeous bikini set is pretty good value. I love how Summery the print and colours are - perfect for relaxing in Mexico sipping a cocktail.

The first stop on our honeymoon is San Francisco. We're spending a few days in The Golden City exploring everything it has to offer. With every city break there's going to be lots of walking and comfortable shoes are a must. I've already bought a pair of Adidas Cloudfoam Trainers but I wanted to have a few options and these lace pumps are a little more girly. They're only £4 so if they get a little grubby it's no big loss.
San Francisco is also known for it's year round fog, because of that everyone recommends packing layers, even in the middle of Summer. I love the lace panel cardigan that's £8. They're available in loads of colours but I thought white would go with the majority of my wardrobe and be most Summer-like, though I wouldn't be too surprised if I buy another colour next time. I also bought a little lace panel scarf for £6. It annoys me that it's off-white so won't be worn with the cardigan but it's a good little scarf for layering with.

As I've said over and over before, it wouldn't be a Jenna Primark haul without a £9 pair of Super High Waist Skinny jeans. Unlike my normal pair of black jeans I also branched out and bought a pair of white ones too. I feel like it's a bit different, fits in with the bride vibes and is a bit more Summer suitable when I'm layering up in San Francisco.
My last couple of purchases are from the beauty section and aren't strictly honeymoon only. I've been using Hair Turbans for years after the shower and they tend to need freshening up and replacing every so often. £3 isn't too bad for a towelling hair turbanWhen I'm lying back on my sunbed in Mexico I like to have my hair out of my face. I quite often rock (or at least attempt to) some French braids. Little clear elastic hair ties are essential for this and Primark must have the best value pack, 500 elastics for £1.
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