Pearl Drops Luminous Bright White Toothpaste

I'm on a mission, a mission for a white smile for my wedding. It's 9 weeks until my big day and lets face it, why wouldn't you want a whiter smile in your photos? I've tried out a few teeth whitening options in the past, like Diamond Whites Charcoal Tooth Polish and Primark Charcoal Toothpaste. Both worked well but were either too messy to want to use often or didn't make them bright or white enough to have a big impact. So my mission continued and I came across Pearl Drops Luminous Bright White Toothpolish.

Pearl drops is a well known tooth whitening brand which has been around for about 50 years. At the moment they've got a big campaign to help women achieve their best natural beauty smile regardless of wonky, chipped, big or small teeth. They've got 5 different products in their Specialist White Range and 2 in their Professional White. Pearl Drops Luminous Bright White is meant to achieve instantly whiter teeth all thanks to their powerful pink formula.

I have to admit the pink toothpaste was quite wow in the packaging. I was worried then that it would taste not so nice but it was pleasant, but quite mild. Much mintier than most teeth whitening products I've used before, which is good for making this a day to day product but it's not as minty and fresh as I like everyday toothpaste to be. Be warned, there may be times when you spit out this toothpaste and panic thinking it's blood. That's when pink wasn't quite a good choice. It is, however, unique and quite good for being able to see if you've properly reached every tooth - a bit like those fluoride tablets back in primary school!

Pearl Drops Luminous Bright White Toothpaste has replaced my usual plain boring white and blue toothpaste for a few weeks now and I have to say I'm happy with how my teeth are looking and feeling. Lets face it there's no point using a toothpaste if it doesn't leave your teeth feeling clean and doesn't keep them strong and health. As for whitening, I noticed a slight difference after the first use and that definitely increased over the first week of using it morning and night. 

I would say I've got a bit of a Diet Coke addiction which definitely isn't good for keeping my pearly whites, pearly white! After seeing the brightness increase over the first week I felt like it didn't continue. Don't get me wrong, they're definitely whiter and brighter but there's not been an extreme, drastic, comment worthy difference. The teeth that were particularly dull or 'yellow' beforehand now look as good as my previously whitest teeth. Comparing it to the chart on the box I'd say they've changed by 4 or 5 shades. Pretty good going!

Unfortunately I'm not keen on the packaging of the Pearl Drops toothpastes. If you leave the toothpaste standing up then all the product drops to the bottom and so when you twist of the lid the pink paste starts pouring out. It's powerful stuff and can stain your hands and mouth so you can get into a bit of a revel all due to the naff packaging. The formula is also quite runny so bare that in mind if you're trying to stay away from the messier teeth whitening products.

If instant results are something you're looking for then Pearl Drops Luminous Bright White Toothpaste is worth checking out. It definitely helps make your teeth been brighter from the first use and leaves your smile looking whiter and shiny. If you're looking for extremes, like a Hollywood Glow, then it might be worth checking out one of their Professional White range. 
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