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When I was a wee kid I loved having a bath, splashing about with different toys or 'practising' swimming but as I got older I couldn't see the appeal. Lying back in a bath doing nothing seemed boring to me, I wasn't able to relax and switch off. I tried reading magazines but without fail they always ended up dipped in the water. Even once we got our own house I didn't bother with a bath, until we got a Bathboard and the whole thing changed.

My fiancĂ© will literally have a bath every morning. He likes being able to chill out and watch his iPad, something I wouldn't dare doing out of fear of it falling in. I decided to buy him a Beerboard for Christmas after seeing Bathboards on Instagram. I'd been following their pictures for a while and kept seeing their Wine Glass Board which was great for the iPad but didn't really allow for a cup of tea or bottle of beer which he's been known to take to the bath. Their Beerboard on the other hand has a ridge down the middle for an iPad or phone, an indent for a glass and 4 little grooves for tea lights. The board is nice and wide to fit loads on so whether it's a pamper night with face masks and Gossip Girl or a bit more lavish with Prosecco, strawberries and chocolate you don't have to panic that things are going to be joining you in the bath for a swim.

I ordered the Beerboard at one of the busiest times of the year and even then their order and delivery time was good. They aim to make, paint and deliver your board within 14 days. At Christmas I didn't get the choice of colour, Oak Stain was the only option but you can normally choose from Black, Grey, White, Pink, Rose Gold or Copper. Both the Beerboards and Wineboards are £23 or £25 if you want a metallic colour. The regular Bathboards are 70cm which is perfect for ours. If you've got a bigger bath you can order a medium or large size for £25 or £30. Delivery for my board was £7, which considering the size and weight isn't too bad. Once I wrapped up the box and put it under the Christmas tree I was able to convince my fiancĂ© that I'd bought him a skateboard!

It's amazing how a plank of wood can change your whole outlook on bath time! If I'm having a Saturday night in or have had a tough day at work I'm much more likely to spend some time in the bath relaxing and unwinding that I ever did before. If you've been thinking about buying some sort of Bathboard then I highly recommend BathboardsThey've got a Father's Day Bundle on sale at the moment which includes some little extras making a convenient present. Or if you're feeling particularly flush and want to make full use of the sunshine or upgrade the man cave then you can get your hands on a BBS Bar. Who doesn't need a transportable bar in their house?
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