Travel Necessities | 4 Things A Hotel MUST Provide

Accommodation can make or break a holiday. Considering there are thousands to choose from in any given city, it makes choosing one even more important. Pick poorly and you may end up in a “4*” establishment wishing you were back at home. Now, when that happens, the hotel is truly a dud! Thankfully, reserving a room can come down to the local amenities. For example, do they have 24-hour check-in? Are they child-friendly? Is it within walking distance of the centre? These are the obvious things to tick off the list, so let’s concentrate on the not-so-apparent*...

In-House Restaurant

There are plenty of people that don’t even know there is a restaurant in the building, never mind dine there on a nightly basis. Still, it’s a perfect contingency plan should the day start bad and turns to crap. And, let’s face it – everyone has a bad day on holiday. It’s an occupational hazard, unfortunately. So, when the tour bus has broken down and you get back 3 hours later than advertised, all you want is food and bed. With an in-house restaurant or room service, there is no reason to step foot out of the door.

Good Quality Toiletries

Step into the bathroom and you should see the basics such as shampoos, conditioners and moisturisers. These are non-negotiable as even hosts on Airbnb provide these essentials. What separates a good hotel from a great one are the larger, more expensive items. Consider a hairdryer for a moment. In the heat and humidity, hair can frizz to the point where you look like Monica off friends. The problem is that getting a hairdryer through security isn’t easy these days. If there is one which plugs into the wall, there’s no need to worry about a horrific hair day.

Okay, so this feature doesn’t stand out to everyone, especially when there is free Wifi. But, there are times when a desktop and a normal-sized keyboard come in handy. For me, the TownePlace Suites corporate centre in their hotels is perfect for a spot of blogging. By simply uploading photos and logging into my accounts, I can post things in real time without delay. Even if a smartphone is good enough, it’s nice to have one in case the electronics go haywire. Think of a business centre as a contingency to keep in touch with friends and family.

Attentive Customer Service

I’m not the type of person to make a fuss because something has gone wrong. Whether it’s my fault or someone else’s, it’s not worth ruining a holiday. Of course, like most people, I’ll try to find a suitable solution before admitting defeat. This is where the hotel staff comes into play. They may not be able to find a quick, simple fix, but they should try hard to figure out a compromise. Should the air conditioning unit not work, for instance, it needs fixing, or a new room should become available.
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