Sparrow Collection Haul & First Impressions

I love having a nice smelling living room and through Autumn and Winter I use candles to get the cosy feeling at the same time. I can't resist being wrapped up in a blanket with the crackle of a candle whilst it's freezing cold outside. In the Spring and Summer I tend to go for something different like the Yankee Scenterpiece. I want the scent without the flame because lets face it we can have daylight shining through the windows as late at 10pm in the Summer months. I was on the lookout for some new fragrances and I fell in love with Sparrow Collection on Instagram. Sparrow Collection sells hand poured soy candles and wax melts from the UK in amazing scents at really affordable prices. 

I decided to treat myself to some wax melts inspired by my favourite perfumes, drinks and sweet treats. I ordered a Snow Fairy Room Spray for £8, which was the most expensive thing I bought. The bottle is 100ml and is going to last ages, a few sprays really fill the room. I would say this scent is most like what it's meant to be. Now I don't have to wait until Christmas time to get my favourite Lush sweet smell. Another sweet scented product that I bought was a Marshmallow Luxe Wax Pop. It was only £2 and isn't too sickly sweet. 
Onto the scents inspired by perfumes, Sparrow Collection has loads of different fragrances from Chanel to Tom Ford. I had to buy a TM Angel Luxe Wax Pop inspired by my favourite perfume Mugler Alien's sibling Mugler Angel. It's a pretty good copy and you can definitely tell that it's inspired by Angel. I'm a big fan, it's a lovely fresh scent. Another perfume inspired wax melt I ordered was Lady Million Luxe Wax Pop. I used to wear Lady Million in uni and this has made me reminisce. It's an impressive copy. 

My last two purchases were a little more random and impulsive. I bought the Prosecco Luxe Wax Pop partly because I've got a few prosecco scented candles and reed diffusers and partly because I wanted to suss it out for gifts. Unfortunately this is the fragrance that I like the least. It's probably a good match to prosecco but it just doesn't suit my preferences. The aromatherapy melts are only £1.60 so I ordered a Stress Relief Aromatherapy Melt because lets face it, a destress is always appreciated. I really like this scent, it's definitely got a comforting scent. I'd quite like to try the Lavender ones to see if they help with sleep. 
Postage was £3.90, which is fair for a small company using Royal Mail. It did take a little while for my order to arrive so if you're buying for something specific just make sure you're organised. The one thing I would say that could be improved is the packaging. The Luxe Wax Pops come in a good size plastic pot but I think a printed sticker would be better than the name of the scent being written on. I just think it would add to the look and be good if you were buying them for gifts. 

I'd recommend checking out Sparrow Collection if you haven't already, there's loads of different scents to choose from. I love the look of their Mermaid Candles and Enchanted Collection. Keep an eye on their Instagram too for offers and sales.
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