Primark Haul | April 2018

Primark is probably my favourite shop to solo shop in. Give me an hour to wander up and down, back and forth around Primark on a Saturday morning and I'm happy. That's exactly what I did when my other half was at a uni tutorial (the joys of Open University, Saturday classes give me the perfect excuse to shop). Primark has all loads of Summer and festival stuff in just now so it's a great time to look if you're planning a holiday. I was on the lookout for more casual Spring/Summer work and daywear which wasn't quite as easy. I still managed to leave with a bag full and a few thing from my Wishlist

Last time I went to Primark I bought a black vest top and a white vest top that was a blouse style material and I've worn them loads. They're a really good fit and look a little dressier than a normal cotton vest top. I had them written at the top of my shopping list as they've quickly become an essential in my wardrobe and I wanted to stock up while they're in stores. I was very pleasantly surprised to see they'd extended their range from just black and white to different colours and patterns. The vest tops are only £4 each - my go-to outfits have just got even better! 
In January I bought a lace panel T-shirt in pink from Primark and this time I bought it in Grey for £4. It's a good basic t-shirt for wearing with jeans and the lace adds a bit of detail and girliness. I mentioned I've got a top similar from Jack Wills and lets just say having a pink one and a grey one is still cheaper! I love florals in Spring and Summer and I loved this grey and floral kimono. Another good one for throwing on with a pair of jeans. It was £10 and I've already worn it with a body for a night out. I think this is quite handy if you're not too keen on showing off your arms or if it's just a little too cold for wearing a vest top. 

The essentials stock up continues... I've said before how much I love the Super High Waist Skinny Jeans and because I wear them pretty much every day for work I like to refresh them regularly because like most black jeans they don't last forever. For £9 I can afford to buy them regularly. Who doesn't need some black and white vest tops in their wardrobe? The white one was £4 like the first ones in my haul and the black basic vest top was only £1.80. It's pretty crazy that you can buy something so cheap.
I'm pretty sure I said I wasn't going to be buying any more pyjamas because I have more than enough but I couldn't resist their Nickelodeon range! I was tempted by the Rugrats stuff and the class of 1990 pyjama jumper but managed to refrain myself and just buy a Nickelodeon Cartoon Character T-shirt and Trouser set for £10

After mentioning the Disney Thumper photo frame in my Primark Wishlist I was delighted to find it sitting in the homeware section. It's a cute little frame and only cost £4. I'll be putting it on my bedside table straight away. I also made a complete impulse buy with the £2 Smartphone Ring Holder. I've seen people with them on their phone I linked the idea but hadn't ever seen them in shops. 
My last few purchases came from the Beauty section and the Accessories. I stocked up on round cosmetic pads for 50p and cotton buds for 80p. I'm not sure you can get them much cheaper anywhere else. I also bought a whole load of earrings - 18 pairs in total. Each set of earrings was £2 and now I've got lots of styles and colours to choose from. I find they don't irritate my ears at all as long as I don't sleep in them. Now I need to decide if I can rock the hooped earring look or if I'll just feel like 13 year old Jenna again.
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  1. I love the floral kimono and heart ring phone holder!

    Dani x